Hubei University About us

Hubei University attracts as many as 2000 excellent and devoted staff members, more than 1000 of whom are faculty members for teaching and research, including 2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science, 451 doctoral and master supervisors, and 665 professors and associate professors.

Hubei University enjoys a beautifully designed campus most suitable for teaching and learning. Also available to the staff and students are 122 laboratories, 95 multimedia classrooms, 17,000 sets of equipments and instruments, 2.2 million volumes of books and journals in the library, and a computer network system directly linked with Chinese Education and Scientific Research Net, offering international information resources for teaching and research. The only one IELTS Testing Center in Central China is based on this campus.

Hubei University values links with international institutions. It has established international academic exchange and cooperation programs with nearly 70 universities and research institutes in more than twenty countries and regions such as USA, UK, Australia, France and Japan. The university attracts every year teachers and experts from overseas, famous scholars from outside the university to teach and give lectures. International students as well as students from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao are enrolled in different degree or foundation courses.

 Hubei University wins the award entitled Top University in China for excellence in teaching, research and physical education, and remains for many years as holder of the honour Best Provincial Institution. Since 1949, the university has contributed tremendously to the society with an output of more than 150,000 students with different majors, maintaining high employment rate with its graduates most attractive to the employers.

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