Harbin Medical University News and Events

The Keshan Disease Surveillance in China

In June, the teachers from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) gave a short course of Intensive English Training in Speaking and Writing to HMU faculty members. The trainees were recommended by various colleges, with the potential to improve in their English speaking and writing. Mr. Steve Holland-Wempe and Mrs. Xanath Caraza-De-Holland from the UMKC Applied Language Institute offered the trainees the opportunity to enjoy the glamour of genuine American teaching. In the class, the communicative approach inspired the trainees to interact between themselves and with the instructors. The trainees seemed to study in a classroom of UMKC.

Professor Wang Tong, Director of the Keshan Disease Institute of the Center for Endemic Disease Control, attended the World Congress of Cardiology 2008 on May 18-21, which was held at the La Rural Convention & Exhibition Centre of Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina. Professor Wang was invited by Dr. Horacio Faella, President of the WCC 2008. He gave presentation entitled The Keshan Disease Surveillance in China 2007. 
    The World Congress of Cardiology is sponsored by the World Heart Federation, an international nongovernmental organization recognized by WHO. It is held every two years in different locations around the world. The cardiovascular experts and healthcare experts from all over the world meet to discuss new technologies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and ways to prevent and manage cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Gao Weidong graduated from the clinical medicine program of HMU in 1982 and taught at the Department of Pathophysiology. In 1987 he received his master’s degree in pathophysiology at HMU. In 1992 he received his PhD degree in cardiovascular physiology at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine. In the same year he began his postdoctoral studies in cardiovascular medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In 2007 he was appointed as Physician-in-Chief and Associate Professor of the Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In July 2006, Dr. Gao was invited to be Visiting Professor of HMU.

MOU With Harbin Medical University (HMU)

The School of Applied Science has signed an MOU with Harbin Medical University in China. HMU is a key "Project 211" university in Heilongjiang Province and is ranked 18th amongst the top Chinese universities in medicine. This collaboration further broadens the scope of learning opportunities for Biomedical Science students. Students who opt to go for their internship at HMU will get a chance to work with the University’s doctors, researchers and scientists on cutting-edge projects.

Colorful International Student Activity in Harbin Medical University

Harbin Medical University provides the practical opportunities for students to put what they learn into daily life use. Actually, in addition to that, students can also show their distinguished unique merits and characteristics.
During their life in campus, international students can voluntarily participate in  all kinds of activities, like football, basketball, and compete with each other in various tournaments.

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