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Prof. Yang Desen and Prof. Duan Wenyang Receive the Honorary Title of

"Provincial Model Worker"

On the eve of May Day, the result of the 12th Heilongjiang Province Model Workers was announced. Prof. Yang Desen and Prof. Duan Wenyang from HEU were given the honorary title of "Provincial Model Worker". There are a total of  20 people from colleges and universities who received this honor. Having two honor-winners, HEU has set a new record in its own history by having the most participants receive awards among other universities this year.

"Heilongjiang Province Model Worker" is the highest honor given by the Heilongjiang Government to those outstanding representatives of the working class and the laboring masses who have made a great contribution to the financial development of Heilongjiang Province. Those who were honored as the "12th Model Worker" are the advanced models from all walks of life who love and are devoted to their work, make bold innovations, have strong character and prominent performance in the recent five years. They are the pioneers of reform and innovation and promote scientific and harmonious development.

Faculty and Students and HEU Alumni Cheer the First Domestic Aircraft Carrier Launching

China's first domestic aircraft carrier in Dalian officially launched on April 26th, 2017. During the construction of the first aircraft carrier, "Liao ning", HEU won the National Award for an outstanding contribution to the aircraft carrier. The process of designing 001A type domestic aircraft carrier also embodies the wisdom and strength of HEU's multi-disciplinary teachers and students. Alumni and students feel proud to watch this important historical moment captured by the TV broadcast, media websites and We Chat public number, as everyone is cheering on the first domestic aircraft carrier launching.

 As early as 2012, in China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning, our school gathered talented people with a multidisciplinary advantage in marine and related disciplines, consisting of more than 100 teachers and a large number of students devoted to the aircraft carrier-related research work. HEU was the most in-depth participator among the local colleges and unitersities in the research and development for the aircraft carrier. HEU participated in aircraft carrier test experiments many times, thus providing an important support for the design of the military decision-making and industrial sectors in the experimental research work in ocean tests. In addition, the school developed and produced more than 100 sets of equipment installed and used on the aircraft carrier and trained a lot of specialists for the design of the aircraft carrier.

  Our school academician, Yang Shi'e, said in the interview that the launch of China's first domestic aircraft carrier is a national celebration event and the birth of the aircraft carrier is also a very important start for the navy to go deep blue. He added, "We also need aircrafts, destroyers, frigates, submarines and other configurations to truly be effective with aircraft carriers and to form a combat aircraft carrier battle fleet. This would mean a brilliant future for colleges and universities, such as HEU, depend on the ocean and seeking economic methods to help the country prosper. It is our bound duty and mission as well as our irreplaceable value to make contributions to the country's instruments. "

The 98th Anniversary of "the May 4th Movement" and Commendation Congress Was Held in HEU

On May 4th, the 98th anniversary of "the May 4th Movement" and the Outstanding Students Commendation Congress was held in Qihang Theater. The congress gave commendation to the advanced teams and individuals by summarizing the work for the Communist Youth League and students in HEU over the past year. Deputy Party Secretary, XIA Guihua, Deputy Party Secretary, YANG Ye, and Secretary of  Commission for Discipline Inspection, YAO Limin, attended the congress and awarded the winners.

The Congress commended the teams and individuals that had received national and provincial awards, and the advanced teams and individuals that have done excellent work for the Communist Youth League and students.

         Deputy Party Secretary XIA congratulated the awarded teams and individuals and proposed three expectations. First, students should not only deepen their understanding and form ideal beliefs, but also work hard to become down to earth and a pioneer rather than an onlooker or a passer-by, in order to contribute to achieving "the dream of HEU" and "the dream of China". Second, students ought to apply themselves to improve their skills. Study is the ladder of progress, and practice is the approach to improving qualities. Therefore students should have a greater sense of urgency to update their knowledge, which is tightly associated with innovation development strategy,  powerful national marine strategy and other national strategies and goals. They should consolidate basic knowledge as well as renew professional knowledge, study theories as well as master skills actively, and continuously improve their ability to learn. Third, students need to be bold in striving to realize the dream through innovation. Innovation is the soul of a nation's progress, the everlasting power to flourish a country, and the deepest gift to China. In the fierce international competition, innovator is an integral part of advancement, strength and victory. University students must have the courage to be on the cutting edge and persevere in finding new ideas, and they must make every effort to have break throughs in order to develop and make contributions.  Young students are supposed to grasp the opportunities offered by the country, the province, the city and the school's platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and devote themselves into the popular tide of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

President Yao Yu Meets with Director Tsivadze Aslan Yusupovich

On May 8th, President Yao Yu met with Tsivadze Aslan Yusupovich, the Director of the Department of Chemistry and Materials of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, member of the presidium of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, and Chairman of the Russian Mendeleev Chemical Society, in the eighth VIP meeting rooms in the main building.

 President Yao Yu briefly introduced HEU's history and education situation, focusing on the school's characteristics concerning the shipbuilding industry, naval equipment, ocean development, nuclear energy application (three sea and nuclear) as well as engineering, electrochemical corrosion and protection of materials on the ship,  disposal of radioactive wastes, new extractant and research on adsorption material preparation and other aspects of the work. Meanwhile, President Yao also introduced relevant cooperation with the Russian Mendelei University of Chemical Technology, Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the areas listed above.

   Tsivadze Aslan Yusupovich introduced the Department of Chemistry and Materials of the Russian National Academy of Sciences, and the Chemical Society of Mendeleev. He said that the Russian Chemical Society of Mendeleev has 42 institutes, and has a high level ranking worldwide in the following (and additional) fields: physical chemistry and surface treatment, nanotechnology and molecular technology, electrochemical and electrochemical technology, radioactive chemistry, corrosion and protection technology, nuclear waste disposal. Many international journals have been published in cooperation with Springer in world-class academic standards. At present, with the support of the Russian and Chinese governments, the Russian Chemical Society of Mendeleev and the relevant Chinese authorities jointly set up the Science and Technology Innovation Co., Ltd. in Harbin New District to undertake the transfer of scientific and technological achievements in the form of professors' workstation of Russian Academy of Sciences.         

  President Yao Yu fully affirmed the Mendeleev Chemical Society pragmatic practice of international scientific and technological cooperation, and said the school-related disciplines will focus on advanced marine materials and spend fuel processing. HEU will make cooperation matters concise in order to carry out discussion and exchange about technique as soon as possible. Tsivadze Aslan Yusupovich also invited President Yao Yu to visit the Mendeleev Chemical Society at the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mendeleev in 2019 and the commemorative year of the United Nations "Mendeleev". Directors from  the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, the College of Nuclear Science and Technology, the International Office, and the Science and Research Institute attended the meeting.

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