Guangxi Medical University News and Events

Yang Wei, director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China

May 11, Yang Wei, director of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, accompanied by Director of Guangxi Science and Technology Department Cao Kunhua, came to our school to study the research platform and scientific and technological innovation capacity building situation.

      Yang Wei, director and his entourage came to the Guangxi Medical University, the Center for Thalassemia prevention and treatment, biological targeted diagnosis and treatment of key laboratories, medical biomaterials Engineering Technology Research Center, the key laboratory of regenerative medicine (regenerative medicine research center), listen to the research platform research History, achievements, personnel structure, academic exchanges, domestic and international influence, etc., and Guangxi Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Thalassemia clinical medicine research center unveiled.

In the afternoon, Yang Wei, director attended the Guangxi University Junwu floor held in Guangxi basic research and scientific and technological innovation forum, our school Zhao Jinmin principals on behalf of the school at the meeting made a report.

Our school party committee secretary Qiu Xiaoqiang, Zhao Jinmin principals and so on all at home school leadership, party school, science and technology and scientific research platform person in charge to accompany inspection.

School students tennis team gains "2017 second twenty-second Chinese college tennis tournament Southwest Division title" to achieve three consecutive championships

May 12-14, 2017, in the school and the Ministry of Sports leadership attention, support, the school students tennis team participated in the Kunming University of Science and Technology by the Chinese University Students Sports Association hosted the twenty-second Chinese college tennis tournament Southwest Division Race. The competition from Yunnan, Guangxi, a total of 16 colleges and universities to participate. Competition, our school students give full play to "perseverance, hard-working, unyielding lose" the spirit, to overcome the high altitude environment is not suited to withstand the heavy pressure of away, and finally won the women's first group Name, men's group of fourth group, the women's team successfully into the national finals, to achieve the Chinese college tennis tournament Southwest Division match women group group three consecutive years.

Ms. Laura Hawken, Technical Consultant, Regional Office for the Western Pacific Region, World Health Organization Visited Stomatology College

On the morning of May 16, 2017, Ms. Laura Hawken, technical adviser to the Regional Office of the Western Pacific Region of the World Health Organization (WHO), accompanied by Zhang Haiying, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of Guangxi Medical University, visited our hospital and received a visit from Guangxi Medical University. Principals, Dean43 of the Institute of Stomatology Zhou Connaught, Vice President Tao Renchuan and public health section chief Zeng Xiaojuan and other warm reception.

Vice President Zhou Connaught introduced Ms. Laura Hawken's education and teaching, student training, international exchange and cooperation, and the construction of ASEAN International College of Stomatology. He hoped that through this exchange, deepen mutual understanding and seek opportunities for cooperation between the two sides. He also hopes to work with the World Health Organization to establish a joint public health cooperation center, in order to further strengthen the Institute and foreign oral health aspects of the field of cooperation.

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