Guangdong University of Foreign Studies News and Events

Uruguay Delegation visited GDUFS to promote cooperation


On April 27th2017, the delegation from the province of Rocha in Uruguay, led by the Provincial Governor of Rocha, Mr. Aníbal Pereyra, visited GDUFS.Vice President of GDUFS, JIAO Fangtai, accompanied by major members of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the School of Business and the Faculty of European Languages and Cultures, gave a warm welcome to the delegation in the VIP Hall.The meeting aimed to promote further cooperation between GDUFS and universities in Rocha, as well as cooperation in other fields between Guangdong province and Rocha.

JIAO stated that cooperation between universities of the two provinces are close regardless of the long distance, and thatit is important for GDUFS to establish a closer relationship with Rocha’s universities to strengthen the international education of students and faculties.JIAO also stressed that students and faculty of Rocha’s universities are welcome at GDUFS.

Cape Verde to Promote Chinese Curriculum


On the afternoon of May 9th (local time), the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Verde and the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde signed a cooperative agreement on promoting a Chinese curriculum in Cape Verde. Some schools in Cape Verde will soon implement the plan to offer Chinese and a Chinese cultural curriculum for grade 9 to 12 students.

The agreement marks the deeper educational cooperation between China and Cape Verde on the basis of past achievements. In the future, more and more young adults in Cape Verde will come to China for further study, and this will promote bilateral cultural communication and friendship. In addition, both sides will have a deeper understanding of each other. Under the agreement, some schools in Cape Verde will implement the plan at the beginning of the new academic year (2017-2018). During the first five years, over 20 schools in Praia and Catarina of Santiago as well as Mindelo of St. Vincent (in Cape Verde) will first carry out the plan. Gradually, it is to be extended to other island cities in Cape Verde and finally be conducted comprehensively across the whole country. The new move on language education is based on Cape Verde’s global vision and framework for the cultivation of talents, which embodies Cape Verde’s government and the Ministry of Education’s foresight. In addition, launched in 2015, the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Verde also develops quickly and has achieved gratifying results in terms of school scale, curriculum, cultural activities, and the establishment of the test center for HSK (the Chinese Proficiency Test). All these achievements firmly back up the new move.

Strategic Research Base of the Ministry of Education Established at GDUFS


On May 10th, the opening ceremony of the Strategic Research Base of the Ministry of Education, the international strategic research center of 21st century Maritime Silk Road and Regional Innovation, was held at the Guangdong Academy of International Strategic Studies on the North Campus of GDUFS. Participants were: GAO Runsheng, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology at the Ministry of Education; WU Baoyu, Deputy Director of the Scientific Research Office at Guangdong Education Department; SUI Guangjun, Secretary of the Party Committee, and YANG Aimin, Deputy President of GDUFS.

GAO Runsheng highly appreciated the accomplishments achieved by Guangdong Academy of International Strategic Studies. He also expressed his hope for the development of the strategic research base from three aspects. Firstly, he expects it to be well positioned and fully showcasing GDUFS’s advantages and characteristics. Scholars from GDUFS are expected to contribute to significant academic activities, especially international forums both home and abroad. Secondly, he hopes there will be new issues under discussion answering new demand. That is, the think tank is supposed to identify the dynamic of social development, come up with new issues actively according to social demand, and contribute substantially to the studies of three “global” (global management, global innovative growth and global sustainable development of economy).

International PhD Forum on Linguistics held


On May 6th and 7th 2017, the International PhD Forum on Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics was held on the North Campus. The forum consisted of sessions such as keynote speeches, group presentations and experts’ reviews, which drew attention from home and abroad and attracted over 40 doctoral students and experts from a wide range of universities in this field to participate.

   Since 2004, our university’s Research Center of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics has organized PhD Forums several times, aimed at setting up platforms for PhD students of linguistics to conduct academic exchanges, offering a channel of communication, broadening students’ studies horizons and pointing out the way for their academic research work. Starting in 2013, this PhD Forum went international, and has gained a decisive position and influence in this field.

In the Experts’ Review Session, several PhD students thoroughly introduced the projects they are currently working on, after which experts gave a lot of patient, detailed and professional instructions focusing on research methods, statistics’ analyses and many other aspects.   Prominent attendees were: LIU Jianda, Vice President; CHEN Linhan, Vice President; LU Jingguang, Professor from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore); Brian MacWhinney, Professor from Carnegie Mellon University, and Wu Fuyun, Professor from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

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