Guangdong Pharmaceutical University News and Events

Our technology supporting guangdong folk medicine health industry base achieved initial results

January 10, 2012, vice President of the ZhangYouDuo presided the "guangdong national medicine health industry base" preserve summary, do LinHuaQing, director of the industry in pingnan county deputy county magistrate xu or even a good, no health bureau chief TangJianHua and even hospital meeting attended the meeting, and listened to the report.

Based on new starting point to grab the new opportunities for new development plan-2011 annual conference held our development (chart)

For discussion on future development strategies of school in January, 2012, 11 to 13, in our hospital, zengcheng city, 2011 annual conference held development. The meeting around "implement the school spirit, implement the fifth congress '1025' development planning, promoting education comprehensive reform, construction of applied medicine university high level," the central issues on the discussion, we further understand the school development a prescription and improve the school development strategy of understanding, for the entire school firm the confidence, to help implement "1025" planning to realize the construction of the high level of an applied university strategic plan laid solid thought foundation. College ZhangJianHua leadership, HuangZiHua, HeChongJun, ChenSiDong, ZhangYouDuo and dean assistant ZhangZeHong, HuangSiXiang to attend the meeting. The meeting by the college, vice secretary of party HuangZiHua chair.

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