Anhui Medical University News and Events

Great Honor


Recently, good news was delivered from Anhui Education Department, that our university was chosen as “Role Model for College graduates’ Employment Work of 2010”. This is the 4th  year for AHMU to win this honor and the university has strived to  maintain this honor for 5 years in a row during the “11th Five-Year  plan” in Anhui province.

Scientific Progress

On Jan 18,2010, Ministry of Science and Technology of China(MOST) released China's Top Ten major scientific progresses of 2010.One research discovery from Anhui Medical University - the research findings of a genome wide study unveiled the susceptibility genes for psoriasis, vitiligo, and leprosy by Professor Zhang Xuejun’s seminar - was selected as one of the top ten major scientific progresses. 

At  the news conference, experts commented on this scientific progress that  this series of researches found susceptibility genes for a collection  of diseases; provided scientific basis for clarifying the nosogenesis;  laid a strong foundation for the risk profile, the research and  development of new drugs and the promotion of personal medicine.  Meanwhile, this research pushed forward international researches on  dermatosis and offered a successful model for other subjects to carry  out studies on susceptibility genes in China as well. It is the only progress achieved by a local college and makes a first time for AHMU to enlist in China’s Top Ten Major Scientific Progresses.

Evaluation Results of the Projects


According to the evaluation results of the surface projects of 2010  National Natural Science Fund recently released by NSFC (Natural Science  Foundation of China), 57 projects in Anhui Medical University have been  approved, among which 21 projects were supported by the National  Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China. 36  surface projects have been granted with an annual research budget of  1,544 million yuan, whichgains an increase of 18 in project numbers and a  rise of 5.06 million yuan compared with that of 2009, topping the  record highs in AHMU.         


It is reported that over 100 projects in progress in AHMU have been  supported by National Natural Science Foundation after the project  approval tasks of 2010 have been carried out. The in-depth  implementation of these projects will effectively promote the innovative  development of the fundamental research of our university, exerting  profound influence on strengthening the scientific research capabilities  of AHMU and constructing a teaching- research university with high standard.

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