Gannan Medical University News and Events

Class Pingxiang of Batch 2014 Students Go to the Sixth Clinical Medical College of GMU for Study

In February 20, under the guidance of the Deputy Secretary of the School of Basic Medicine Sciences of GMU Party Committee of CPC Yu Yijun and teachers from the Students’ Affairs Office, a total of 99 students of Batch 2014 Clinical Medicine Major of the School of Basic Medicine Sciences of GMU went to the Sixth Clinical Medical College of GMU, namely, the Pingxiang People's Hospital(PPH), for study for a year. 

During the Opening Ceremony for the Batch 11th Class Pingxiang, the PPH Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection Li Jianhua delivered a speech, in which he extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the students, introduced PPH's related situation and teaching system and encouraged the students to study hard. Then, the directors of each department introduced the situation, management system and teaching arrangements of each department.
The students said that the warm reception and thoughtful arrangements of the Pingxiang Campus made them feel warm, and they would study hard in the new learning environment.

2 Provincial Graduate Quality Courses of GMU are Authorized

Recently, it is known from the Education Department of Jiangxi Province that 2 graduate courses of GMU are approved as Provincial Graduate Quality Courses in the selection of Graduate Quality Courses in Jiangxi Province. It is the first time for GMU to win this honor. 
The two courses are "Molecular Biology Experimental Technology" and "the New Development of Ultrasound Medicine". Associate Professor Wang Liefeng  and Professor Ye Jun respectively are in charge of the courses.
The school will actively support the research and construction of these two courses, providing funding and working conditions for the construction of each quality course.

GMU Leaders Check the First Class for the New Semester in 2017

The new semester enjoyed the great look. In February 20, the first day for the new semester, the GMU leaders Huang Linbang, Chen Xin, Liu Qian, Chen Liang went to the classroom to check the first lesson of the new semester and communicate with teachers and students.

 After checking the class, the secretary of GMU Party Committee of CPC Huang Linbang, the Deputy Secretary of the GMU Party Committee of CPC Chen Xin and other GMU leaders acknowledged and appraised what the teachers and students had done in preparations. Faculty did well in preparations and lecturing with flexible teaching methods. Students went to the classrooms in time and carefully had classes, showing a good look of the new semester.

 After that, GMU vice president Liu Qian went to the Clinical Skills Laboratory and Clinical Basic Skills Training Center in Zhanggong Campus to know the experimental teaching and training of clinical skills and asked the performance of the teaching equipment and facilities. During the visit, GMU leaders visited the teachers and students who were carrying out their teaching work, especially the students who were actively preparing for the National College Students' Clinical Skills 


GMU leaders will check the class aperiodically.

He Shaohua Wins the Outstanding Contribution Award in the First BCCCPCP

Recently, the GMU retired teacher He Shaohua won the Gold Award of the Outstanding Contribution Award in the First "Beautiful China Cup" Chinese Poetry & Calligraphy & Painting Activity(BCCCPCP). His poetry and calligraphy works will be incorporated into the large artistic works collection "the Beautiful China-Poetry & Calligraphy & Painting Impression".

The activity was jointly hosted by the network Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Collection Exhibition, the magazine Art Outlook, China Humanities Academy of Painting and Calligraphy, China Five Styles of Calligraphy Research Association and other organizations.


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