Capital Normal University News and Events

A Professor from College of Math Science and His Partner Making Important Progress in the Research

Recently, Professor Fei Shaoming and his partner have made important progress in both theory of quantum mechanics uncertainty relation and lab research. Their academic achievement has been published in one of the top journals for internationally renowned Science of Physics (Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 160405 (2016)).In their thesis, Prof. Fei Shaoming and his partner basing on the minimum probability distance between two physical observabilities and those of joint measurement, have theoretically worked out an equation that two physical observabilities cannot be satisfied by one measure through joint survey. Meanwhile, Academician Du Jiangfeng from University of Science and Technology of China and his team have proved the outcome of the theory by way of the magnetic resonance image. After the research was published, the News Info Network for Research in the World’s Science and Technology covered the story.



                             Delegates from University of Seoul Visits CNU

On July 7, headed by President Yun-hi Won, delegates from University of Seoul visited CNU. Present at the event were President Gong Huili and administrators from College of International Cultures. Both parties signed agreements on cross-university exchange and students exchange programs.

The University of Seoul boasts its peculiarities in such research domains as urban environment planning and disaster control. It is able to enact partnership co-operation and student exchange programs with College of Environment Resource and Tourism and College of History of CNU. Its College of International Education is able to look up with College of International Cultures of CNU and its other programs such as Music, Design and Fine Arts can co-operate with counterpart institutions like College of Music and College of Fine Arts of CNU.

Both parties intend to kick off student exchange programs and step up teachers’ cooperation and research in the Spring Term of 2017.



College of Music Co-hosts ‘Music Education in Regular Institutions of Higher Education’ Forum

On November 26, the Research Center of Aesthetic Education and College of Music co-hosted the ‘Music Education in Regular Institutions of Higher Education Forum’. Deputy Inspector Wan Lijun from the Department of Physical, Health and Art Education, Ministry of Education and the Party Secretary of CNU Zheng E attended the forum and delivered speeches. Scholars from the industry, leaders of the college and teacher and student representatives were present for it.Starting with the publishing of Music Education in Regular Institutions of Higher Education, the forum recounted Associate Professor Feng Lanfang’s 30 years of public music teaching in colleges, and summarized CNU’s philosophy, goals, curriculum, practice and teaching pattern of music education. 

 Some outstanding alumni spoke about the importance of music and the charisma of Professor Feng Lanfang. The scholars and leaders expressed their thoughts about the music education in regular institutions of higher education, based on their working experience and reflections.Wan Lijun demonstrated the significance of music education from the point of view of the national policy, presented the policy changes of aesthetic education over the past few decades, explained the government’s attitude towards the aesthetic education and pointed out the opportunity and challenge of aesthetic education at CNU.Zheng E shared the goal and philosophy of establishing the Center, which is to effectively organize and strengthen the academic research team and improve the CNU’s ability to impact policy making and social service regarding aesthetic education, based on its teaching reform and goal of team building. She spoke highly of Professor Feng Lanfang and expected that the College of Music could move forward and shoulder the responsibility of aesthetic education at the CNU.

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