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Cooperating with Infor, Chengdu Neusoft University actively explores New ‘Industry-Education-Research’ Model of ERP application

Chengdu Neusoft University joined in the Education Alliance Program (EAP) of Infor Enterprise, which is a leading company in the cloud-based applications industry, and became the first cooperative institution with Infor Enterprise in the Asian-Pacific region in 14, April, 2016.

According to the alliance protocol, both sides will work together to solve the problem of the shortage of IT talents in China through offering ERP courses for undergraduates of Chengdu Neusoft University, applying Infor LN to daily teaching, cooperating to cultivate applied IT talents, and providing support for training the talents in China. The cooperation between Chengdu Neusoft University and Infor Enterprise is not only the beginning of the strategic cooperation but also the impetus of realizing the integration of “Industry-Education-Research” model project.

Freemasonry and complementary

 Faced with the impact of big data, China is advancing the “Made in China 2025” strategy with all strength, putting all the industries at the turning point of industrial structure adjustment and intelligent manufacturing adjustment. Therefore, how to apply advanced IT solutions to the turning process is crucial, and cultivating professional IT talents is the fundamental of intelligentizing.

Grabbing this chance, Infor Education Alliance tries to offer teaching supports to research and education institution, to cultivate applied technical talents to satisfy market demand, and to support the development of local IT industry through providing original and specific techniques. Therefore, the cooperation between Chengdu Neusoft University and Infor Enterprise is deliberate and meaningful.

Chengdu Neusoft University, founded by Neusofte Corporation, is the first private full-time undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education in Sichuan province. As one of the private university focusing on applied practical education of IT and internet industry, Chengdu Neusoft University adheres to the education theories of Neusoft University, thus “Industry-Education-Research” is the core of college education. Therefore, there is a huge demand of Neusoft University for the training of LN innovation team and the resources gathered through joint program of Infor corporation.

Students from Chengdu Neusoft University Won Second Prize in the ‘ZhuXieBei’ 2016 Business Management Simulated Sandbox Competition of Accounting Skills Contest of Sichuan Provincial Vocational College

Hosted by the Education Department of Sichuan Province, and undertaken by the organizing committee of Accounting Skills Contest of Sichuan Provincial Vocational College, ‘ZhuXieBei’ 2016 Business Management Simulated Sandbox Competition of Accounting Skills Contest of Sichuan Provincial Vocational College was held in Sichuan Finance and Economics Vocational College during 15 to 16 April, and 36 universities in Sichuan province have attended this competition. Under the instruction of teacher Luo Aling and Ye Bin, the students from 14th and 15th Marketing and Planning Major of Information Technology & Business Management Department, Xiao Zexiao, Qiu Jiaxiang, Zou Xin, and Lin Mao, composedly completed the competition successfully, and won the second price at the provincial level.The teachers and students from the Information Technology & Business Management Department won the second prize at provincial level.

This contest is based on the ‘Xin Dao Shang Zhan’ electronic sandbox. Although it is the first time for some contestants to attend such contest, students from our university lived up to expectations and came back with honor. Through such competitions, the reform of education and teaching about TOPCARES-CDIO will be improved effectively.

English Language Fellow (U.S State Department), Christopher Ott, was invited to our university to give lectures to teachers from the Applied Foreign Language Department

To improve the internationalization of Chengdu Neusoft University and the teaching in the Applied Foreign Language Department, during 23 to 30, April, 2016, the English Language Fellow (U.S State Department), Christopher Ott, was invited to our university to give lectures about modern education theory and method of English teaching to our English language teachers.

During the one-week training, Mr. Christopher Ott had carried out a throughout exchange with our foreign language teachers through class observation and training lectures. Also, Mr. Christopher Ott demonstrated how to apply modern teaching theory and method to English teaching from five different aspects: teaching vocabulary through reading: systematic vocabulary instruction, formative assessment: keeping students and teachers on track, personal narrative use in the classroom, cooperative learning, and collaborative writing activities. Additionally, Mr. Christopher Ott shared a variety of teaching resources with us, and expressed the willingness to keep a long-term relationship with Chengdu Neusoft University to improve our English teaching.

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