Undergraduate Courses And Talent Training Of Chengdu Neusoft University

Chengdu Neusoft University, founded and organized by Neusoft Corporation and Yida Group in 2003, is one of the full-time undergraduate institutions approved by the Ministry of Education. CNU runs its education programs with a main focus on engineering and a minor in management and arts. Besides, CNU is also the State Cultivation Base of IT Talents, China Torch Program Chengdu Digital Entertainment Industry (Talent Training) Park and China Digital Media Industry (Talent Training) Park.

CNU is dedicated to innovating educational idea and approaches so as to cultivate “practicalized, internationalized, individualized” IT talents who have solid theoretical bases and are able to apply the latest IT technology to different fields, and to helping individuals and organizations continuously obtain and improve their knowledge and capabilities to dominate the future by using information technology.

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