Zhejiang Normal University News and Events

  • Pakistani Shinde University President Fatah Mohammed and his entourage visited our school.

On April 24, President Fatah Muhammad of President of the University of Pakistan Shin-Etsu visited my school, and President Zheng Meng-shi met with his delegation.

Zheng Meng welcomed Fatah Muhammad's visit and briefed us on the basic situation of our school, especially the research results of the East China Sea and Borderland Research Institute, as well as the international exchange and cooperation between our teachers in teacher exchange and personnel training .

The Zheng Meng hopes that the two schools can strengthen the communication of information, promote teacher exchanges, scientific research cooperation, international students in areas such as the depth of cooperation for the two countries to contribute to education and cultural exchanges, with the national "area along the way" strategic concept.

Fatah Muhammad briefed the development history and basic situation of Sindh University, and stressed that the Far East and Southeast Asia Regional Research Center of Shun Tak University and our school, the East China Sea and the Frontier Research Institute, set up a platform for cooperation between the two schools, hope that the two sides can have more exchanges Opportunity, so that the two schools to join a new level.

  • Vice President Lou Shixing and his party were invited to South Africa to participate in the first session of the Sino-South high-level cultural exchange mechanism.

On April 24, the first meeting of the Sino-South High-level Humanities Exchange Mechanism was held in Pretoria, South Africa, and was co-chaired by Vice-Premier of the State Council, Liu Yandong and South African Minister of Arts and Culture.  

Vice President of the school Lou Shizhou was  invited to participate, also was invited to participate in the Ministry of Education Changjiang scholar, director of the African Institute of Professor Liu Hongwu and the School of Economics and Management, China International Business School Dr. Zhang Qiaowen.

During the meeting, Prof. Lou Shizhou and his entourage exchanged views with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education on how to carry out non-communicational  cooperation.

Dr. Zhang Qiaowen spoke as the representative from the Chinese side at the first general meeting of the mechanism, describing his story of cultural exchange in South Africa.

The high-level cultural exchange mechanism between China and South Africa is the first high-level cultural exchange mechanism between China and African countries. Ministry of Education as the mechanism of the Chinese side commissioned the establishment of our school in the South China Cultural Exchange Research Center. The center was unveiled on April 1, 2017. Zhejiang Normal University as the only one of the two colleges and universities, invited to attend.

  • The opening of the Ninth Reading Festival: Let the study become the most beautiful scenery of Zhejiang division.

On the evening of April 23, at the advent of the 22nd World Reading Day, the opening ceremony of the ninth reading festival and the second BOOK reading show were held at the University Student Activity Center.

Principals Zheng Meng-like, the school party committee member, party propaganda department minister Zhu Jian attended the opening ceremony. Student office, research department, Communist Youth League, graphic information center, humanities and other relevant people were in charge of the opening ceremony.

Zheng Meng made the opening speech. He said that colleges and universities bear the important mission of promoting cultural heritage and innovation, in the university campus to carry out colorful, distinctive reading activities far-reaching. He affirmed that  in recent years his  school enrich the library, optimize the educational environment to achieve fruitful results. At the same time, they read  with their own experience, encouraged teachers and students to  love  reading, learn to read, enjoy reading.  

The opening ceremony , final 12 groups of players with their own way of interpretation of the classic classics participated in the  BOOK reading show .

"I ... ... I am with a hateful face, I sometimes be scared of their own ... ..." a scientifically manufactured monster, not only make people fear, but also make them to be  scared. "Frankenstein" group set out on the "excluded" view, triggering the audience on the proliferation of scientific thinking.

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