Zhejiang University of Economics & Finance News and Events

  • School leaders in-depth grass-roots inspection undergraduate teaching work

On May 9 to 10, Li Jinchang, Zhong Xiaomin and other school leaders in-depth classroom, teaching and research, office visits, a comprehensive inspection of the various College, Department of undergraduate teaching work.

The school leaders listened to the summary of the undergraduate teaching work of the college and the report on the preparation of the audit and evaluation, reviewed the archives such as papers, graduation design (thesis), teaching management materials, etc., and examined the teachers' attendance, student attendance, multimedia use and laboratory Operation, etc., check the campus public environment, college buildings, office space and other health clean and tidy situation, and for the existing problems and deficiencies made rectification requirements.

From the field visit inspection, random lectures and in-depth interviews with the situation, the school overall teaching running in good condition. Party school, student office, academic office and related functional departments to accompany the person in charge of inspection.

  • The school was identified as the province's internal governance mechanism reform pilot units

Recently, the provincial education system reform leading group office issued the "on the establishment of education management to determine the separation of the pilot unit of the reform," our school to declare the "reform of internal governance mechanism for the pilot project" was approved.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the three, four and five plenary sessions of the eighteenth session, we will further deepen the comprehensive reform in the field of education and speed up the modernization of education. The provincial education system reform leading group office in August 2016 issued the "Zhejiang Province to promote education Management of the separation of comprehensive reform pilot work program ".

Based on the relevant arrangements and requirements, the school summarizes the basis and conditions for the separation of education management, focusing on the reform of the internal governance mechanism of the school, proposing the reform of the pilot work program, focusing on strengthening and improving the leadership system under the leadership of the party committee, The constitution as the core of the system, establish a sound management mechanism, and effectively change the school management model and other aspects of reform.

Next, the school will further refine the pilot reform program, the development of special reform plan, in an orderly manner to promote the reform work to ensure that the 2018 high quality to complete the pilot reform projects, reform effectiveness, for the province's higher education reform and development to provide useful experience.

  • Communist Youth League of Zhejiang University of Finance and the first congress held a grand ceremony

On May 9, the first congress of Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics was held in Xiasha campus. Deputy secretary of the provincial party committee Zhou Suhong, school leaders Li Jinchang, Zhong Xiaomin, Lu Xinguang, Chen Jinfang, Wang Kuiquan, Li Ru Meng, Xu Xiaodong and more than 600 group cadres, members of the youth gathered together to jointly plan the work of the Communist Youth League.

The convening of the conference coincided with the implementation of the "13th Five-Year Plan", steadily push forward the comprehensive reform, and build a high level of innovation and start-up finance and economics university, with the future and the future. The theme of the conference is to focus on the first goal of the party's congress and the development of the strategy, unite and lead the team members to speed up the construction of domestic first-class, internationally renowned, distinctive innovation entrepreneurial financial university, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation The Chinese dream contributes to youthful power.

Li Jinchang, secretary of the school party committee, delivered an important speech. He fully affirmed the achievements of the school's Communist Youth League in recent years. In the face of new missions, new tasks and new challenges, he hoped that the majority of young people in the school should bear in mind the mission, firm belief with the party. To establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, their future and the country's future, the fate of the nation closely.

Zhou Suhong spoke highly of the achievements of the Communist Youth League in our youth, entrepreneurial innovation, cultural people and other achievements and the provincial party committee to the long-term concern to support the work of the Communist Youth League party and government leaders and faculty thank.

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