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The school held a semester will promote the work

On the morning of May 12, the school held a semester job promotion meeting in the lecture hall on the fourth floor of Houde House. Party Secretary Liu Wenlie presided over the meeting and spoke. Deputy secretary of the party committee, principal Feng Jian, deputy secretary of the party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission attended the meeting.

Liu Wenlie affirmed the work of each unit in the previous period. He pointed out that the current school career steadily, a breakthrough, the momentum is good. All units should further clarify the general requirements of this year's work, and comprehensively implement the important speech of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, the Third, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Sixth Plenary Session and the General Secretary of Xi Jinping , Earnestly study and implement the upcoming spirit of the nineteenth, thoroughly implement the spirit of the ideological and political work conference in the province to create the University of Texas as the goal, to Lide tree as a fundamental task to comprehensively enhance the ability of personnel training and lead the school All the work to a comprehensive and strict leadership of the party and the protection of the strict strict management of the school, focus on strengthening the connotation of construction, focus on deepening comprehensive reform, efforts to consolidate the basic management, focus on improving school conditions, concerted efforts, tackling difficulties, hard work , Do solid work, and strive to create a new situation in the development of various schools.

He stressed that the units to make persistent efforts to increase efforts to complete the task. One to cohesion, continue to create a strong atmosphere of excellence. To constantly strengthen the overall consciousness, sense of responsibility, innovation awareness, quality awareness, and enhance the work of conscious thinking and action conscious. Second, we must work hard to continue to increase efforts to promote key efforts. According to the school's annual work points, the recent focus on party building and ideological and political work, credit system reform, for the "university renamed" and "for master's degree grant" included in the "13th Five-Year Education Development Plan in Shandong Province" jobs. Three to make persistent efforts to ensure that the scheduled completion of the established goals. To further break down, to implement the annual objectives and tasks, inverted schedule, one by one implementation. Fourth, we must strictly from the real, strengthen the development of the political security of the cause. We must adhere to and perfect the principals' responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee, study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the ideological and political work conference of the whole country and the province, and deepen the institutionalization of " Hand, give full play to the role of grass-roots party organizations fighting fortress and party members vanguard exemplary role, pragmatic and promote the work of the school.

Feng Jian made an objective evaluation of the preliminary work of each unit, pointed out the work performance, the existing problems and shortcomings, the next stage how to better promote the work, put forward three guiding opinions. First, summed up the work to implement the good experience, good practice. The ideological emphasis on efforts to achieve a high degree of unity on the understanding; concept of advancing with the times, and strive to emancipate the mind, update the concept, to achieve scientific development, according to the law school, according to the rules of action; action to implement a firm, To improve the quality of the work, to ensure that the work to achieve significant results; discipline to further strengthen the work of the implementation of the work, And strive to provide a strong guarantee for the implementation of the work. The second is to clarify the problems and problems in the implementation of the work. It is necessary to further strengthen the awareness of the broad masses of party members and cadres "to implement the implementation", to unite the consensus, to unite the people, and to gather together, and to strengthen the awareness of the party members and cadres in the process of "unsuccessful working standards, weak management and lack of focus on the implementation of the" The whole school to build up and down to implement, dare to implement, good grasp the implementation of a good atmosphere. Third, grasp the implementation, focusing on practical results. To enhance the realm of grasping the implementation of realistic and practical implementation, strengthen the measures to implement, enhance the ability to implement, change the style of implementation, optimize the method to implement, gather together to implement, stroked the sleeves to dry, and strive to create a new school work situation.

Zhan De Ming informed the 2017 school work points, party committees and principals office meeting resolutions to implement the situation. 12 units responsible for the completion of the work of the semester to do the report to communicate.

The principal responsible persons of the party and government departments of the school attended the meeting.

School held an enlarged meeting of party committee study and implement the province's ideological and political work conference

May 10, the school held a meeting to expand the party committee to convey the province's ideological and political work of the spirit of the meeting, study the deployment of our school to implement the views. Party Secretary Liu Wenlie presided over the meeting and spoke. Deputy secretary of the party committee, principal Feng Jian, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Exhibition De Ming, party members, vice president Gong Jianmin, Sun Haibin, Wang Jinli, Zhang Mingzheng, Wu Xinghua attended the meeting.

Liu Wenlie pointed out that the party organizations at all levels of the school should further enhance their ideological understanding and earnestly study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the ideological and political work conference of the whole country and the province as a major political task in the current and future period, Grasp it, do a good job.

He has asked to further strengthen and improve the ideological and political work in colleges and universities under the new situation. We must adhere to the "five focus", follow the rules, be targeted, stress the way, enhance the scientific, targeted and effective work, and constantly improve the ideological and political work Ability and level. First, focus on adherence to the socialist school direction. Adhere to the leadership of the party, adhere to the guidance of Marxism, the full implementation of the party's education policy, and further clarify what people, how to train people, for whom to cultivate the fundamental problem. The second is to focus on the fundamental task of keeping up the moral. Adhere to the comrades as comrades as the core of the Party Central Committee of the new concept of new ideas and new ideas as the party ruling party, the main body of the school, with the core values of socialism armed minds to guide students to establish a correct world outlook, Values, and strive to cultivate both red and specialized, both ability and political integrity, the full development of the Chinese characteristics of socialism qualified builders and reliable successors. The third is to focus on improving the ability of personnel training. Adhere to the ideological and political work as a comprehensive improvement of personnel training ability to lead and protect the school to ensure that the school always in the right direction forward, spread the socialist good voice, pool the development of positive energy, and then develop a new chapter. Fourth, focus on establishing a "big educator" concept. Adhere to the Lide tree as a central part of the ideological and political work throughout the entire process of education and teaching, to build a full education, full education, all-round education system, the formation of teaching and educating people, scientific research and education, practice education, management Educate people, service education, cultural education, organization and education of long-term mechanism. Five is to focus on building the "big think of governance" pattern. Adhere to perfect the responsibility system, the school party committee to seriously fulfill the party discipline and party governance, the main responsibility of running a school; party secretary to fulfill the party building work and ideological responsibility system of the first responsible person responsibility; leaders at all levels to consciously perform Advocacy, united front, student work, group organization, ideological and political theory teaching department has department responsibility; first-line ideological and political workers have direct responsibility. Adhere to improve the school and the family, the community from all walks of life collaborative education mechanism. Adhere to the combination of actual situation and the construction of "online, offline" ideological and political work seamless integration of the educational mechanism.

Our school was held to commemorate the Chinese Communist Youth League ninety-five anniversary "did not forget the early heart with the party"

May 4 morning, "do not forget the original heart with the party" theme series of educational activities, "the rise of the flag to join the group vows ceremony" held in the track and field. Relevant school leaders, all members of the Communist Youth League, the college branch secretary, counselors, student group cadres, student union cadres and youth representatives of more than 1,000 people participated in the activities. 7 o'clock, the ceremony began on time. The national flag class escort the flag admission, to play the national anthem, or flag ceremony; ecology and garden architecture college secretary, political and law school student representatives, respectively, as a representative of the cadre and representatives of youth representatives on behalf of the theme; school students , To re-enter the group vows; Communist Youth League on behalf of the school Communist Youth League, to the school organizations at all levels, group cadres and members of the youth initiated the call, earnestly implement the strict strict rule of the party requirements, vigorously promote the strict rule.

 In order to commemorate the ninety-fifth anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League of China and the nineteenth anniversary of the "May Fourth" patriotic movement, we will study and implement the "Medium- and Long-term Youth Development Plan (2016-2025) issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council" , Party secretary Liu Wenlie to carry out "do not forget the beginning with the party" theme series of educational activities to make a request, the school party committee member, vice president Sun Haibin on the theme series of educational activities for specific guidance.

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