Dezhou University Dezhou University Introduction

Dezhou University is a comprehensive University which was approved by the National Education Committee in March, 2000. It is the aggregation of Dezhou Teachers’ College, Dezhou Education College and Evening College Municipality, which has a 30 year history. The University lies in the northwest of Dezhou District which has been called the entrance to Beijing and thoroughfare to everywhere. In the east, there is the Beijing-Futian expressway, in the west, the Beijing-Shanghai railway and No. 104 state way. It enjoys convenient transportation and a quiet environment.
    It occupies 1100 h.a. with the total area of 362,500 square metres, which include 99,240 square metres for teaching and administration and 41,588 square metres for dormitories. It has modern teaching equipment costing ¥56 million and 754,000 books. It has 73 laboratories, which include physics, chemistry, computer science, mechanical engineering and finance. It has advanced TV teaching performance systems, TV studio and news centre. The University School network center is one of the five branches in the Shandong Education Science and Research Computer Centre.
    There is a total of 1101 staff at University, including 705 teachers. Among the teachers, there are 48 professors and 277 associate professors, representing 37.75%. There are 206 lecturers which is 47.37% among teachers. In addition 8 teachers hold a Phd and 216, a Masters degree.
    There are 13 teachers who have received the Zeng Xianxin Good-Teacher Award and 14 who have received the Good-Teacher Award above provincial level. During teaching practice all teachers are dedicated to their calling. In the meantime, they are still carrying out teaching and scientific research and obtaining recognition for their achievements. This forms a teaching team which is well balanced in age and knowledge and having high qualifications in teaching and scientific research.
    There are 20 departments, 2 teaching offices, 16 undergraduate courses and 35 college and training courses. The majors cover literature, science, law, education, history, industry and agriculture. It gradually forms a proficient system in which arts, science and industry are dominant and blend with each other and develop a greater harmony. Its principal activity is undergraduate education.
    The number of fulltime students is 11010, it has another 2521 correspondence students.
Dezhou University has been emphasizing the development and construction of major disciplines, consolidating the position of teaching, introducing qualified personnel, strengthening the structure of the teaching staff, funding and carrying out the reform of teaching practice. The University considers that these are the active elements to improve the quality of education. In recent years, many scientific programmes have been granted by the country and province. In addition, about 19 teachers have been commended or given special allowance by national government. The achievements of the graduate students and quality of teaching and organizing are ranked to the forefront among similar Universities.
    In November 2001, Dezhou University was evaluated as to conditions and teaching standards, which was organized by Shandong Education Committee, which gave the University its approval. According to the demand in teaching and regional economic developments, Dezhou University advocates and carries out scientific research programmes, encouraging each other in teaching and scientific research, and achieving much. In recent years, our University has undertaken 82 programmes in different fields. Among them, 26 are at the state or province level. Seventeen achievements were awarded by state of province. Some of them fill the spaces in the state or provincial research fields. Still others get international aid.
    Facing the 21st centuries challenges and competitions, Dezhou University is taking advantage of co-operation with other Universities. In order to become a high level University, Dezhou University has been trying bold reform and innovation. The purpose is to help it arrive at a better, higher position. Dezhou University will continue to encourage major specialization, enhance the professional standing of the teaching staff, widen the school scale and improve the quality and benefit of teaching.

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