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2017“Love China”Summer Camp for Overseas Chinese Descendants Kicked off at DMU

On the morning of July 3, 2017“Love China”Summer Camp for Overseas Chinese Descendants Kicked off at Dalian Maritime University. Wang Daming, the vice president of Liaoning Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, hosted the ceremony, Zhao Youtao, the vice president of DMU addressed the audience, and Huang Gang, official of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, awarded the flag to the camp on behalf of the host.
During the ceremony, Wang Daming extended welcome to all camp members and introduced the aim and meaning of this summer camp. Also, she hoped that every Chinese descendant could shoulder the responsibility of communicating Chinese culture, spreading Chinese traditional spirit, and promoting rejuvenation of Chinese nation. 
After a brief introduction to DMU, President Zhao wished that all camp members would frequently return to China, visiting DMU, acquiring family kinship and broadening horizon. In addition to improving Chinese competence, he hoped these kids could also better understand the profound and extensive Chinese culture.
The summer camp was initiated by All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, hosted by Liaoning and Dalian Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, as well as assisted by three parties including DMU International Education College, Dalian Intelligence Education Center, and Huashang News. Members of the camp include 40 kids aged from 12 to 18 who are from Chinese families in Sweden and US. In the following 13 days, they would stay on DMU campus to learn Chinese ancient civilization, traditional etiquette, calligraphy, Chinese painting, Peking Opera, paper cutting, pottery making, kite making, and folk music. In addition, they would visit Dalian to appreciate the natural scenery and culture of the city. 

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