Dalian Maritime University Accommodation

The Main Campus

DMU is located in southwestern Dalian, which is a famous coastal city in northeastern China. The University covers an area of 1.13 million square meters with almost half a million square meters occupied by buildings.


The internatioanl student apartment has two types of rooms: double room(19.25 square meters) and Single room(13.67 square meters)All rooms have bathrooms, desks and chairs, wardrobes, televisions, telephones, and internet.

Besides, there are elevators, public laundry room, and public kitchens (with refrigerators, range hoods, microwave ovens, and electromagnetic stoves, and hot water machines) in this building.

Dormitory reservations about accepting applications for a specific time please contact directly with Dalian Maritime University.

Dalian Maritime University has only one campus, located in No.1 Linghai Road, Dalian City. The Overseas Students' Apartment Building is 8800 square meters with 381 rooms (321 single rooms and 60 double rooms), the accommodation’s price is approximately RMB35-50 a day.


Room Price

Room Type

Room Price


Single Room

RMB 35 (per person per day)

Less Than 4 Months

Single Room

RMB 29 (per person per day)

One Semester

Single Room

RMB 28 (per person per day)

One Academic Year

Single Room

RMB 50 (per person per day)

Less Than 4 Months, per room

Single Room

RMB 42 (per person per day)

One Semester, per room

Single Room

RMB 39 (per person per day)

One Academic Year, per room



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