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President CAI Guowei Met with Delegation from Kunsan National University

Delegation of Kunsan National University, including dean of International Exchange Education, dean of School of Engineering and dean of School of Production-Study Engineering, visited NEEPU on Mar. 20. President CAI Guowei met with the delegation at VIP room, academic center. Vice President WANG Jianguo, director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, head of Graduate Faculty, dean of School of Civil Engineering, dean of School of Automation and dean of School of Physical Education attended the meeting.       

President CAI Guowei warmly welcomed the delegation, and he briefly introduced the history, disciplinary characteristics and developing strategy of NEEPU to the delegation. President CAI hoped that the two universities could widen their cooperation field, based on the international cooperative program, further academic exchange and promote mutual development.

On behalf of the delegation, Lee Jaewan, dean of School of Engineering of Kusan National University, gave an introduction to Kunsan National University. He showed his willing of developing long-time friendship and cooperation with NEEPU. He also invited President CAI to visit Kunsan National University in future. 

After the meeting, Vice President WANG Jianguo had a discussion with the delegation at No. 3 meeting room of academic center and heads of related departments participated. Partial consensus was reached during the discussion on student exchange program, visiting scholar program, training plan and fees.  

Kunsan National University was founded in 1979. It is a comprehensive national university famous for its mechanics, automobile, shipbuilding, marine biotechnology, IT, new energy resources, etc. An MOU was signed by the two universities in 2016.  

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