Liaoning University | Study Abroad In China

Liaoning University is one of the first eight Chinese universities authorized by Chinese Ministry of Education which started admitting international students from 1965.In the past 5 decades it has educated more than 20,000 international students from over 94 countries and regions. Liaoning University is an institution offering China Government Scholarship programs authorized by China Scholarship Council(CSC),Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarships authorized by Liaoning Provincial Government and Confucius Institute Scholarships authorized by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban).It was awarded national “Excellent Institution for International Education” in 2014.Institute of International Education was renamed from International College for Chinese Language Studies since September 2013,previously known as International Student College. IIE is responsible for international students’ admission, academic affairs, routine administration and organizing Chinese international education. It consists of Office of Administration, Office of International Recruitment and Admission, Office of Student Administration and Service, Office of Teaching and Learning, HSK Test Center, Department of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Department of International Business, Department of Chinese Language, and Department of Language Learning. IIE was designated as Chinese International Promotion Base (Northeast China) and Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Base for Foreign Language. It is also ranked in National Top Ten HSK Outstanding Test Centers. In 2015, the number of international students of Liaoning University reached 1, 485,which ranked 3rd among all universities and colleges in Liaoning Province and 1st among Shenyang universities and colleges. Currently there are 34 faculty members in the institute, 23 of whom are full-time teachers who all have rich experiences of overseas teaching, and 11 of whom are administrative staff. IIE invites well-known experts from domestic and abroad including America, Australia, Belgium, South Korea and Japan to be visiting professors and give lectures. IIE promotes the fusion of Chinese and international students by grasping dual main lines of education for international students and Chinese international education. IIE provides 2 English-taught undergraduate programs, 1 English-taught postgraduate programs, bachelor degree programs of Chinese and international economics and trade for international students. We also run undergraduate programs including Chinese International Education and MTCSOL(Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)program for both Chinese and international students. International students of IIE has awarded runner-up honorable title in the Chinese Bridge Language Competition and won the championship in Liaoning Foreigner Chinese Language Competition as well as Liaoning Provincial Foreigner Essay Contest. IIE has established long and stable cooperative relationships with universities and research institutes of Russia, South Korea, Belgium, USA, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Mongolia, Senegal, etc.

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