Henan University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Henan lies in the heart of China, and is the origin of Chinese civilization and political and economic center in ancient times with 120,000 cultural and historical relics on exhibition at the Henan Museum. Apart from Long men Grottoes one of the world cultural heritages, Henan is also well known worldwide for the Shaolin Temple and being the origin of. Chen's taichi. Being the birthplace of ZHANG Zhong-jing, and the roots of Chinese Medicine, ancient physicians of great celebrities have been coming forth in Henan.Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the earliest of its kind in China, is among the first that were authorized by the Degree Awarding Committee of the State Council to confer Master's degree. It was also approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll foreign students and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It is the only Chinese Medicine University in Henan Province. The University grew out of Henan School for TCM Continuing Education, which was instituted in Kaifeng in 1954, moved to Zhengzhou and got the present name in 1958. It has two campuses in Zhengzhou, Henan the hometown of ZHANG Zhong-jing, the "greatest master of Chinese Medicine “covering an area of over 1727mu.

The University faculty includes 15 doctoral tutors, 94 professors, 425 associate professors, 714 lecturers on campus, and 16 state-nominated and 10 province-nominated distinguished specialists. HUTCM has presently over 10000 students including over 150 international students. It comprises 20 laboratories, and 3 hospitals besides a central lab, a herbal plantation for quality control, a pharmaceutical factory, and specimen rooms. A number of institutions have been established in this university in the studies of Zhang Zhong-jing’s theories, AIDS, hepatic diseases, gerontology, splenic and gastric diseases, pediatrics, rheumotoid arthritis, and ophthalmology. The University library has a collection of over 500,000 volumes, and over 2,000 varieties of periodicals both from home and abroad.

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