Hebei Normal University China

Hebei Normal University (HNU), founded in 1902, is a provincial key university, HNU locates in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province, the distance is 277 km from Beijing. The subject covers nine categories, namely philosophy, jurisprudence, economics, literature, history, pedagogy, management science, science, and engineering. HNU boasts 21 colleges and departments, including College of Life Science, College of Mathematics and Information Science, College of Chinese Language and Literature, College of Physical Science,College of Business, College of History and Culture, College of Music , College of Art and Design, College of Foreign Languages, College of Physical Education, College of international culture exchange. It has 8 doctorate programs of first-class discipline, 49 doctorate programs and 8 post-doctorate programs, 26 master’s degree programs of first-class discipline, 131 master’s degree programs,90 undergraduate specialties. Now the total enrollment of the university is 57,658students. HNU has been accepting international students since 1987. HNU accepts China Government Scholarship students and Confucius Institute Scholarship. All specialties of HNU are open to international students.

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