GuangXi University for Nationalities

Guangxi University for Nationalities is located in Nanning and was founded in 1952. The school is a national college and a government of Guangxi District to build universities. It is a key university in Guangxi. The school has two existing campuses. It covers an area of 1813 acres and has 25 colleges. The school has a complete college, undergraduate degree, master's degree and Ph.D. The teaching and training system has more than 20,000 Chinese and foreign students studying at school.

In the long-term running of the school, our school has formed three major discipline groups: ethnological subject group, ASEAN subject group and Chinese ethnic minority language and literature subject group. In the Guangxi living ethnic and cross-border ethnic studies, ASEAN language and literature in the country Being in a leading position, both teaching and research have achieved fruitful results and enjoyed a high reputation internationally.

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