Xidian University Fees structure

1. Application fee: RMB 800
2. Tuition fee
Categories of programTuition (RMB per year)
Ph.D Program33,000
Master Program22,000
Undergraduate Program17,000
Foundation Program15,000
Language Program12,000

By relevant regulations of Ministry of Education and Xidian University. Students are supposed to pay their tuition fee before registration on a yearly basis.

3. Accommodation fee

Xidian University provides students' dormitory of various standard, with boarding fee RMB 5000 to RMB 15000 per year.

4. Living expenses

It is estimated that the expenses are RMB 50 Yuan /per day (for reference only).

5. Medical insurance fee: RMB600 per year

6. Besides, Xidian University covers the foreign students sponsored by Chinese Government Scholarships, foreign government scholarships, business scholarships, Shaanxi Government Scholarships, Huashan scholarships, etc., the comprehensive scholarship system to encourage outstanding students to study in Xidian University, and encourage students worldwide to pursue their higher academic degrees.

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