Hangzhou Normal University Documents

Application Documents Required

Long-term Chinese Language Study

1. HNU Application Form for Long-term Chinese Study;

2.  A copy of passport;

3. Physical exam report (scanned copy) 

Bachelor's Degree 

1. HNU Application Form for Undergraduate & Graduate Students ;

2.Transcript of Senior High School

3.A copy of passport;

4.Physical exam report (scanned copy)

Master’s Degree

1.HNU Application Form for Undergraduate & Graduate Students ;

2.A Copy of Diploma/Bachelor- degree Certificate;

3. Transcript of undergraduate studies;

4.2 recommendation letters provided by the applicant’s teachers with the   rank of Associate Professor and above

5.A copy of passport;

6.Physical exam report (scanned copy)

Degree Students Application Form .doc

Language Program Application Form.doc

ACASC Application Form.pdf

Health Check up Form.pdf

Visa Application Form.pdf

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