Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications

Founded in 1950, Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications (CQUPT) is one of the few universities that has been blue-printed and given priority to develop by the State. It has also grown into a prominent university and is acknowledged by its excellence in the field of information industry both within and outside China. 

The university covers an area of 730 acres. There are over 24,000 students, including more than 4,000 postgraduates. It has a faculty of more than 1,600 and has about 100 well-known experts as well as more than 20 fellows who are visiting or part-time professors from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as from countries like the UK, Canada, USA, Poland, and India. Currently, CQUPT has 15 colleges and departments, 47 undergraduate programs, 38 postgraduate programs, and 2 PhD programs. 

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