Guangdong University of Finance Admissions

 4 years (Maximum 6 years). 42 majors to choose.

 List of Majors



Department of Finance


Public Finance


Financial Engineering

Department of Accounting



Financial Management

Department of Insurance


Department of International Economics and Trade

International Economics and Trade


Economics and Finance

Department of Business Administration

Business Administration


Logistics Management

Economics Statistics

Hotel Management

Department of Labor Economics and Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Labor and Social Security

Science of Labor Relationship

Applied Psychology

Internet Banking and Information Engineering Department

Computer Science and Technology

Information Management and Information System

Electronic Commerce 

Foreign Languages Department


Business English


Law Department


Department of Business Media

Chinese Language and Literature

Internet and New Media

Applied Mathematics Department

Finance Mathematics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information and Computing Science

Applied Statistics

Department of Public Administration

Public Administration

Public Service Administration

Social Work

Department of Credit Management

Credit Management

Asset Evaluation

Department of International Education

Finance (2+2 international program)

Accounting (2+2 international program)


 (innovation experimental program)


(innovation experimental program)


The last two years (Specialized Courses)


Finance, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Management, Statistics, Economic Law, Financial Accounting, International Finance, International Trade, International Settlement, Operation of Commercial Banks, Investment, Corporate Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance and other selective courses.


Accounting, Management, Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law, Finance and Accounting, Tax Law and Tax Accounting, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing, Management Accounting, Information Systems of Accounting, Budget Accounting, Financial Analysis and other selective courses.

International Economics and Trade:

Economics, Finance, Public Finance, Econometric, International Economics, International Trade, International Trade Practices, English of Foreign Trade Communication, Customs Practice, International Trade Services, International Trade Documents Practice, International Trade Settlement Training, International Business Communication, World Trade Organization, Management, Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law and other selective courses.


Chinese Language and Literature :

① Chinese Language and Culture
Provides courses focusing on Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Educational Psychology and teaching skills. Upon graduation, students can engage in such fields as Chinese teaching, tourism, diplomacy, translation, journalism, etc. 



② Business Chinese
Based on the economic characteristics of the Guangdong region, integrated with the economic content of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the courses cultivate language skills and professional skills in secretary, management, public relations, program planning, and business activities.

BA in Business Management :

Accounting, Management, Statistics, Marketing, Economic Law, Financial Management, Economics, Organizational Behavior, The Modern Enterprise System, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Management Science, Production and Operation Management and other selective courses.


Graduation qualification and Degree Awarded

Graduates can be awarded with graduation diploma and corresponding bachelor degree if the followings are met:

(1) Attaining all the compulsory credits;

(2) Thesis approved;

(3) Obtain HSK 4.

 Admission Requirements

A non-Chinese citizen with a valid passport.

Graduated from Senior high school or above.

A copy of official or notarized diploma certificate and transcripts of senior high school in English and Chinese (graduating students shall present letter of certification for graduation).



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