Wuhan Polytechnic University Admissions

Undergraduate Programs

特 别 提 示NOTES

申请人在递送本申请表的同时,请提交: Applicant should submit the following documents with this application form:

【1】最后学历证明  The Highest Educational Level Certificate/Diploma(copy)

【2】学习成绩单                      Transcript of Academic Record

【3】普通护照复印件                  Photocopy of Private Passport

【4】两位教授推荐信(如申请研究生)    Recommendation Letters from Two Professors (For graduate application)

【5】监护人保证书(若年龄不足18岁)   Guardian Guarantee (For applicant under 18 years of age)

【6】如果您已经在华学习,请提供:  在华签证或居留证复印件。

If you are currently studying in China, please provide:  A photocopy of your visa or residence permit in China.

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