Liaoning Shihua University Admissions

Admission Steps for Liaoning Shihua University




Application Procedures and Related Documents for JW-202 (Visa)
For application procedures follow the instructions below strictly:


·         For Bachelor's Degree Candidate: with senior high school diploma with excellent academic performance, and under the age of 25.

·         Send us a Digital Passport size photo.

·         Scanned First Page of Passport (with identity info).

·         Scanned Highest Graduation Diploma Certificates and Transcripts.

·         Fee structure signed by the student.

·         Reference person or recruiting agency’s name and also a sign-ed Guarantee for Student Application.

·         Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health.(Health check up form

·        Completely filled Application Form.(Just type in and send back by the completely filled Microsoft Word document, and also send back a scan copy of one filled and signed with pen.)





1. Jw202 form is visa application form for studying in China, it’s an official document required by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate when applying for an X visa (student visa).

2. Please all documents must be color scanned and must be clearly seen. Only scanned copies of these documents mentioned above are accepted. Documents taken with a camera or phone will be denied due to the less clarity of the documents when printed out.

3. Applicant must be between the ages of 18-23 years.





After gathering the required documents, it’s time to apply for admission. Submit the documents mentioned above for processing and pay the application fee, deposit fee and postal fee. After the payment has been done, please send us a picture of the receipt. The university will start processing your JW202 form and admission letter after receiving the payment.


* Application and Deposit Fee : 1000USD(6600RMB)

* Postal fee: 540 RMB ( International post by DHL)




1. International remittance has service charges, if the money we receive is less than the total amount, we will deduct the balance from your security fee.

2. After the documents have been submitted, it’ll take around 3-4 weeks for the Jw202 form to be ready. The application documents will not be processed if full payment of the application fee and deposit fee hasn’t been made.

3. DHL Post service: Send your complete address, postal code and phone number to us via email. We will send the original JW202 form and admission letter to you through DHL. The tracking code will be sent to you after the documents has been posted.






Successful applicant will be mailed the necessary documents to apply for an entry Visa. You must visit your local Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country or area.




1. Applicant's original passport valid up to at least six months with one or more visa page(s).

2. Certificate of highest Diploma obtained.

3. Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter issued by the University.

4. Visa Application Form for Studying in China (also known as the JW202 form)

5. The original foreigner physical examination form.

6. Applicant's Police Report and Birth Certificate.

7. Bank Statement from Sponsor and Copy of ID from Sponsor.

8. Complete filled embassy visa application form.

9. Four recent passport photograph.




Do make sure that your admission letter and your JW202 form is handed back to you together with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa. You will need these documents to apply for your Residence Permit after your arrival at school.


We kindly remind you that:


Holders of X1 Visa shall, must within 30 days from the date of their entry, apply for resident permits at the local immigration bureau.




We suggest that students should book their ticket to Beijing International Airport, then take the train from Beijing to Fushunbei Station in Fushun City. After arrival, you can take a taxi go to the university, it is around 13 km. The Chinese address for the university is : 抚顺市望花区丹东路1号辽宁石油化工大学。





The original copies of the following documents should be submitted to the admission office:

1.Six passport sized pictures.

2.Admission Letter.

3.JW202 Form.

The submission of the original copies is to check the validity of all official application documents.

The office can be located in the International Affairs Office.

Chinese address:抚顺市望花区丹东路1号辽宁石油化工大学。



To pay your fees please contact with ACASC Admission Office. Dr. Gulnar Nurdanhazy (+86) 15850513534

The tuition fee must be fully paid before the student can have his visa extended and attend class.



Don’t eat, drink or smoke on the morning of the checkup. If you fail the examination, your visa application may be rejected, particularly if you failed the checks for contagious diseases, though eating breakfast or even drinking water the morning before the test can interfere with the results.

The fee for the medical checkup is around 400RMB. For concrete arrangement please contact your Coordinator. The student must go to the hospital for the medical checkup the next day after reporting at the university. The student will pay the money to the hospital.



1. After being informed when to go to the immigration be sure to be there on time.

2. Your Coordinator will inform you of what documents you’ll need to prepare before you go to the Immigration bureau.

3. The visa-processing fee is 800RMB per academic year. (Each city is not the same, Final cost will depend on the actual situation.)


Finally, we wish everything will be going good when you studying abroad.



1. Applicants for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees Programs should be between 18-35 years old with good health.
2. Applicants for Chinese Language Training Programs should be between 18-65 years old with good health.
3. Applicants should possess academic credentials equivalent to those of Chinese senior high school standards.
4. Applicants should be In good health condition, in accordance with the Health Standard for International Students stipulated by the Ministry of Education, China.
5. Applicants should have good moral character and discipline towards the laws and regulations of the Chinese government and the university.
6. Application and Registration Fee: 800 RMB.

Category of Applicants

Academic Eligibility



Undergraduate Students

High school certificate

Master Degree Students

Bachelor's degree certificate 

The Name of  Schools

Undergraduate Specialties

Master Programs

School of Petrochemical Engineering

*Chemical Engineering and Technology

Chemical Engineering

Applied Chemistry

*Applied Chemistry

Chemical Technology

School of Petroleum

And Gas Engineering

*Oil-gas Storage Transportation Engineering

*Oil-gas Storage Transportation Engineering

*Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Thermal Energy and Dynamic Engineering

*Civil Engineering

Construction Environment and Equipment Engineering

*Oil and Gas Well Engineering 

Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

Thermal Energy and Dynamic Engineering

School of Mining




School of Chemistry and Materials Science


Analysis Chemistry

Material Chemistry

Polymer Materials and Engineering

Industrial Catalysis

Inorganic Non-metallic Materials  Engineering

Physical Chemistry

Composite Materials and Engineering

School of Information & Control Engineering


Control Theory and Control Engineering

*Electric Engineering and Automation

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

Electronic Information Engineering

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent


Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation

Electronic Science and Technology

School of Mechanical Engineering

Process Equipment and Control Engineering

Chemical Production Process  and Equipment


Machinery Design and Manufacture and its Automation

Industrial Design

Communication and Transportation Engineering


*Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Engineering Mechanics

Material Molding and Control Engineering

Material Process Engineering

Metal Materials Engineering

Mechanical Design and Theory

Measurement and Control Technology and Instrumentation

Mechanical Design and Theory

School of Computer and Communication Engineering

*Computer Science and Technology

Computer Application Technology

Communication Engineering

Computer Software and Theory

Software Engineering

Digital Media Technology

School of Environmental and Biological Engineering

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

Biological Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Polymer Materials and Engineering

Biological Chemical Engineering

Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering

School of Economic Administration


Technology Economy and Management


*Business Administration

Management in Engineering

Enterprise Management


*International Economy and Trade

Information System and Management

Administrative Management

School of Sciences

Information and Computer Science

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Applied Physics

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