Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology About us

Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology was approved to establish postdoctoral innovation practice base of Jiangxi in 2015 and was granted master's degree conferment unit in 2017. The discipline, water conservancy engineering, was selected as one of the "First-class Discipline of Higher Institutions in Jiangxi". Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology covers a total area of 1.36 million square meters. Now we've got over 1,400 faculty members. Nanchang Institute of Science & Technology has 15 schools, namely School of Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering, School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Information Engineering, School of Business Administration, School of Economics and Trade, School of Humanities and Arts, Faculty of Science, School of Foreign Languages, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education, School of Maxism, Faculty of Physical Education, School of Military Education and Yaohu School.

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