Henan University Economics and Law About us

Additionally, it also boasts 4 national-level majors of Accounting, Finance, Business Administration and International Economy and Trade. In 2008, the University was rated excellent in the National Undergraduate Teaching Quality Assessment presided over by the Ministry of Education. Also, HUFE was awarded the titles of Top 10 Favored Universities in Henan, Top 10 Influential Educational Brands in Henan and My Ideal Universities in Henan respectively in years of 2008, 2009 and 2010.

    HUFEL has all along attached great importance to fostering of versatile talents. Our undergraduates can opt for minors of their free will or conditionally transfer majors. Since 2010, HUFEL’s four national-level programs (i.e. Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, International Economy and Trade) have started to recruit students from the first intake of high school graduates. HUFEL also provides Experimental Classes preparing students for ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CGA (Certified General Accountants Association of Canada).

    The university is well known for a number of academically accomplished scholars in finance, economics and law sectors, who hold high visibility and influence both at home and abroad. It boasts 1130 full-time teachers, including 518 senior practitioners (153 Professor) and a number of outstanding experts, professors, cross-century academic and technical forerunners, among whom two earned the title of the National Expert with Outstanding Contributions, one was selected for the nations’ Millions Talent Project .The university’s research outcomes are abundant with multiple provincial-level and State-level scientific projects well under way.

    HUFEL’s International Center for Cultural and Educational Exchange (International Affairs Office) is a specialized department responsible for international cultural and educational exchange, which has already established good ties with universities and cultural institutions in Japan, Korea, America, Britain, France, Russia, Ireland, Australia, and other countries towards multi-level cooperation, students and cultural exchanges. It works with University College Cork and Carlo Polytechnic College towards a joint program directed at majors of business management, accounting, computer networks, computer software, and information management who successively go through vocational and undergraduate courses; additionally, its undergraduate exchange programs cover the United States, Sweden, Brazil, Japan and other countries.

    The university offers Chinese language and culture courses, and programs towards obtaining bachelor's and master's degrees. Since 1995, a total of about 900 students from nearly 20 different countries have studied here. The university has all along put significant emphasis on foreign students, appointing experienced teachers on duty and providing good conditions for learning, students support and entertainment.

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