Guangxi University About us

In 1997, in order to meet the need of reform and development of higher education system, Guangxi University merged with Guangxi Agriculture College to found the current Guangxi University. In 1999, the new Guangxi University was designated as “211 Project” university; In 2004, Guangxi University was approved to be a cosponsored university by Ministry of Education and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

As the most time-honored and largest comprehensive university in Guangxi Autonomous Region, Guangxi University is co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and the Government of Guangxi in the list of “211 Project for Higher Education”

 Guangxi University has become a research-lead university with regional characteristics, which possesses 30 colleges, 97 undergraduate programs, 36 first-category disciplines and 171 second-category disciplines to grant Master’s degrees, 8 first-category disciplines and 45 second category disciplines to grant Doctor’s and 7 post-doctoral research stations. At present, the university has 23649 full-time undergraduates, 6669 full-time post-graduates, 667 overseas students coming from more than 30 countries and 20000 continuing educational students. Besides, there are also 10,000 full-time graduates in Guangxi University XingJian College of Science and Liberal Arts. It has 3672 staff, 2006 of which are full-time teachers. Furthermore, the university not only serves as a highland for professional competences in various areas, but also boasts some of the innovation teams for the professional competences from Universities in Guangxi Autonomous Region.

 Guangxi University now occupies an area of 307 hectares with a floor space up to 1,330,900 m².The total costs of teaching and research equipments amounts to 519 million yuan. The total collection of the University library reaches 5,290,000 volumes, including 3,234,000 volumes of printed collections, 2,058,000 volumes of electronic books, more than 4000 kinds of printed journals in Chinese and foreign languages, 17000 kinds of full-text e-journals. The construction of digital library develops rapidly because the collection information security system which consists of printed collections and e-books has come into being.

 Within the picturesque environment, GXU is committed to construct a campus featuring democratic management, law-based control, safe environment, civilization, economization and innovation in order to build a good school spirit and ,therefore, has been successively awarded with many rewards by the government .

 Focusing on discipline development with “Project 211” as the carrier, GXU has been untiringly rallying talents for enhancing the scientific researching and the level of talents cultivating. Through years’ efforts, the infrastructures of the university are greatly strengthened and improved. The research fields are more specific and the subject features more distinctive. The overall level is greatly improved, especially for some subjects are in leading positions in China and some even stand in advanced world level. Up to now, GXU possesses two National Key Disciplines and one Key (cultivation) Disciplines, six Key Discipline Groups of the “211 Project” and 21 Provincial Key Disciplines. With one National Key Laboratory, a National Base for Key Laboratory and three Key Laboratories co-constructed by the Ministry of Education and Guangxi Government, it also owns one Engineering Research Center by the Ministry of Education, one Key Laboratory by State Forestry Administration, seven Provincial Key Laboratories, one Provincial Key Research Base for humanities and social science, 19 Key Laboratories (Cultivation Base) of Universities and Colleges in Guangxi and two Provincial Innovation Units.

At present, GXU aims to be a research-oriented university with high-level and regional characteristics. With a decade of effort, it has been one of the best universities in China with high overall disciplinary level and comprehensive strength; and cultivating a batch of top innovation talents to form the academic teams that are influential to the international academia by capacitating some of the superior and characteristic disciplines and even the disciplinary groups to reach the domestically advanced level or approach the international level. Endeavoring to undertake the key projects covering technological innovation and significant technology and science in some local major areas, GXU is to make a series of original achievements at domestic advanced level for being the leading university of innovation and high-level base for cultivating competences in Guangxi. Teaching and research quality, invigorating it through technology, and strengthening it through talents are strategies of establishing the university. It goes all out to cultivate characteristics, highlight advantages and enhance the core competitiveness in all aspects with talents cultivation as the foundation, disciplinary construction the guidance, technological innovation the pillar, team building the guarantee, quality and achievements the core. GXU will unswervingly march on the road of running school with characteristics; promote the deep dock between the university and the economic and social development of Guangxi to provide more high-qualified services for Guangxi’s industry, the rural areas in Guangxi as well as the Beibu Gulf as a more powerful pillar and guidance.


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