Chongqing Medical University About us

Chongqing Medical University (CQMU),founded in 1956, is a key university under the administration of Chongqing Municipal Government with an integrated educational system of Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's and Postdoctoral programs in medicine as well as other related fields.

It is one of the 30 or so medical universities in China which are approved by Ministry of Education in China to enroll foreign students to study the English-medium MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery) program. It is also listed among the Chinese medical universities in WHO’s official website and is recognized by ECFMG (Educational Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates) in the United States.

Since 2001, it has been enrolling foreign students to study medicine. At present, 552 foreign students from 24 countries are pursuing their doctor dream in the university.


The university has 6 affiliated hospitals directly under its administration, which are all rated as “Upper First-class Hospital” in China. There are more than 8,000 beds in the hospitals. The annual outpatient visits reach 5.54 million and the annual inpatient visits 150,000. Besides, it has 27 teaching and clinical practicing hospitals, 18 colleges and departments. Other 2 affiliated hospitals are now under construction.


The university offers 5 postdoctoral programs, 33 Doctor’s programs, 77 Master’s programs and 37 specialties for undergraduates. It has 4 state key disciplines and 43 municipal key disciplines. It also has 3 state key laboratories of Ministry of Education, one state key laboratory of Chongqing and Ministry of Science & Technology, one national engineering research center, 24 municipal key laboratories, 11 research institutes, 6 research centers and 22 research laboratories.


The university has 5,500 staff, of whom over 358 are professors and over 803 associate professors. There are 202 Ph.D. supervisors. Many of them enjoy the special government allowances or have been selected into some national programs, such as “Project for Millions of Talented People of New Century”, “Cheung Kong Scholar & Innovative Team Program”, “Project for New Century Excellent Talents in Universities” and “Project for Trans-century Talents” etc.

Students  At present, a total of 23,556 students are studying in the university, including 537 Ph. D candidates and 3,210 Master candidates.


CQMU has two campuses which cover an area of 3.13 million square meters. The main campus is located in the downtown area of Chongqing. Geographically, it is well situated in the city, within easy reach to restaurants, hospitals, shops, post offices, banks, launderettes, swimming pools and gyms. It is only about a 35-minute ride from the university to Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport. Buses and monorails which lead to various parts of the city are just outside the university.

The new campus, open in 2007, is located in a quiet and beautiful area of the city, with shades of green trees and flowers in blossoms in all seasons. Students from various countries are warmly welcome to CQMU.


CQMU has accomplished many research projects of various levels, including some state-level projects supported by National Key Technology Research and Development Program in the 6th to 9th Five-year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, Key Program of National Natural Science Foundation, National Basic Research Program (known as '973 Program'), National Hi-Tech Research and Development Program (known as '863 Program') etc. Meanwhile it has undertaken some international cooperative research projects.

In 2009, 229 research papers were included in SCI, a year-on-year increase of 38%. The number of essays included in CSTPCD hit 2,570, ranking 24th among all the domestic universities and institutions and 5th in medical universities and institutions. There are 8 academic journals published to readers home and abroad.

Since 2008, CQMU has won National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology twice, National Award for Technological Invention once and municipal awards over 80 times.

The High-Intensity Focused Ultrasonic Therapy System (HIFU), which was initiated by CQMU, is the first large-scale medical equipment with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. It has been put into use in over 30 major hospitals in China and exported to about 10 foreign countries, such as the EU, Russia, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

International cooperation

CQMU has been actively conducting international exchanges and cooperation. So far, it has established relationships with more than 20 countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, France, Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Finland, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and it has carried out academic exchanges and cooperation with institutes of higher education and scientific researches in these countries and regions.

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