Why study in China?

Why study in China?

More than 50,000 students from over 150 different countries apply to Chinese universities each year. Chinese government is offering a wide range of funding opportunities to attract international students, including more than 40,000 scholarships at 277 institutions. Studying in china is equivalent of studying in a first world country with the added benefit of cheaper living and university fees. You’ll experience a 4,000 year old culture and learn one of the world’s most spoken languages. 

China is arguably the fastest developing economy in the world. What it has achieved within the past 10 years cannot be matched by any country. It will be a great p[lace to start or enhance your career. You will gain first hand experience of all the practices that have made china great from studying here. After your time of study, there are very well paid jobs that you can apply for and will boost your career.

The Chinese language, mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. Being able to fluently speak this language could potentially open up many doors in your career. Your resume will be more attractive when you have Chinese on it as part of your spoken languages. The best thing is that you do not need to study the language before arriving in china. Once you live in China, with a little effort the language will rub off on you.

The cost of living in china is also relatively very low. As compared to other popular study abroad location, both in Asia and around the world, China is probably the country with the lowest cost of living. You will not need to be so rich before you can study here in China. The cost of education is affordable and also you are guaranteed the best quality education possible.

Studying in China will be one of the best decisions that you will make because it will improve your living and make you an even better professional.

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