Tips For People Thinking of Applying

Tips For People Thinking of Applying

Applying to an institute of higher education can be a little bit tricky. In china you choose the major you want to study before arriving at the university. For this reason you will need to identify and select the right program that suits your strengths. It is always advised that you have a clear idea of the program you want to study in the university. When you have that in mind, you can then select a university that offers the program of your choice.

We have listed some tips that you should know of when thinking of applying to a university.

1. Apply as early as you can. Most schools if not all, consider the earliest applications first, and it will be in your own interest to submit your applications as early as you can.

2. Decide which course you would like to study.

3. Decide where you would like to study that course.

4. Research and familiarize yourself with modern day china and the Chinese language: although most universities will give you a crash course on this during your first semester it is always better to get a head start. Learning about modern day china and the language will immensely help you get around and enjoy your stay even more.

5. If possible plan a trip to china in advance. Visit your campus, get to know your area. See which franchises and stores are open near your campus.

6. Download the basic apps required for getting around in china, like WeChat and Ctrip. 

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