The University offers scholarships to students with a high level of need and good academic performance. The scholarship will be available to all new and continuing undergraduate students enrolled at the Pentecost University College. The scholarship covers only the tuition fees of the beneficiary. The objective of the scholarship award is to provide scholarships to needy but brilliant students to enable the individuals pursue their undergraduate programme of study in this University. The number and amount of scholarship awarded will be determined annually by the Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Donor(s). The award comprises the payment of tuition fees only and sometimes hostel. To qualify for the PUC scholarship award, the applicant should, Be a student at the time he/she applies for a scholarship (Evident by his/her admission letter).

All applicants should complete an application form. The following documents must be attached with the application form:

  1.     A copy of an unconditional admission letter from the University or College.

  2.     The applicant’s Result Slip or Transcript of previous studies.

  3.     Letter of recommendation from a Teacher or Counselor.

  4.     A brief explanation of why you should be awarded this scholarship.

  5.     Two recent Passport pictures (not older than 6 months).

  6.     Birth Certificate.

  7.     Copy of an Official pay slip or payroll record of parent/guardian or the applicant.


All forms must be sealed in an envelope and submitted to the Scholarship coordinator’s office. All certificates and related documents submitted must be certified by a recognized official or by the institution that issued the documents and must bear the official stamp and signature of the certifier.

In awarding scholarships the Scholarship Committee will look for applicants who have a strong need base and demonstrate very good intellectual skills. Applications will be received and reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. Shortlisted candidates will be called for interviews at a decided date by the Committee. The date for interviewing will be announced. The final selection will be announced after the interviewing process has been completed. The decisions of the committee shall be final. Those nominated will be offered scholarships in writing and will be asked to accept or decline the offer also in writing within a 15 to 30 working day period.

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