How to track your application?

How to track your application?

After you have submitted your application, you can track the status of your application by signing in into your account and clicking on track your application. A little pop-up page will be displayed. The status of your application will be displayed shortly. You can start tracking your application after you’ve received a welcome email from us.

Signing in to track your application

Use the username that we sent you in your welcome email when you registered with us, along with the password you used when registering.


Status of your application

After meeting the entry requirements and submitting our application, universities and colleges make decisions on your application. This includes: processing, pending, accepted, denied and posting.

NB: The time of decision for every university varies so please don’t be disturbed when a decision hasn’t been made yet.

This is the explanation of your application status:

1.     ProcessingThe school is processing your application. Normally it takes at least 14 working days for a school to make a decision.

2.     PendingThe application has some problems. Visit your application and make the necessary corrections on behalf of the request of the school.

3.     AcceptedThe application has been granted admission.

4.     DeniedThe application has been denied because it doesn’t fit admission criteria of the school.

5.     PostingYour admission documents has been posted to you. Track the package.


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