Yunnan Normal University-Institute Of Chinese Studies(ICIS), Best Universities In China

Welcome to study at Yunnan Normal University. The Institute of Chinese and International Studies (ICIS) of YNNU is responsible for the recruiting, teaching, management and service for the university's international students.

ICIS has a first-class team, including 30 faculty members, 10 staff members, and 60 part-time teachers. After many years' development, YNNU has been proved to be one of the best universities in China in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language, hence is famed as one of the 10 key universities in China in support of Chinese language teaching for neighboring countries, one of the 4 bases in China in training of Chinese language teachers for Southeast Asian countries, one of the first 16 Chinese universities in undertaking of overseas Confucius Institute, and one of the key Chinese universities responsible for training overseas Chinese language teaching volunteers.

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