Yinchuan University of Energy

College of energy resources of yinchuan is located in the pearl, Chinese famous historical and cultural city of yinchuan, is the ministry of education approval has a bachelor's degree award authority of ordinary undergraduate course colleges and universities, the national university of applied technology alliance director unit, ningxia pilot colleges and universities, the overall transformation of the local undergraduate universities MinNing cooperation counterparts, built by fuzhou university colleges and universities, and autonomous region department of education of yinchuan government capital construction of colleges and universities, the ministry of education, zte ICT integration innovation education base in college.

In October 1999, the people's government of ningxia hui autonomous region approved the establishment of yinchuan university. Approved by the people's government of the autonomous region and put on record by the ministry of education, yinchuan vocational college of science and technology was established in May 2004. In March 2012, yinchuan energy college was upgraded to the undergraduate level with the approval of the ministry of education. Has been the ministry of education awarded "national top 50 typical experience university graduate employment", has been the central propaganda department, the national civilization office, ministry of education, such as the "national college students volunteer" a program under which officials "social practice advanced unit", by the Chinese association of private education in higher education specialty construction committee awarded the "national innovation entrepreneurship education practice training base construction prize", was awarded "civilized unit" of yinchuan of yinchuan, and won the "special contribution award" yinchuan economic construction service, has twice been autonomous region party committee rated as "advanced grass-roots party organizations in the", in 2015 won the "national education innovation excellence award".

School for 19 years, the school adhere to the "non-profit, public welfare" of the school orientation, adhere to the "mind motherland JiGuPing world of cultivate one's morality, look around the world study hard life" the school motto, carry forward the "khalid ents, can technology" the principle, sets up "based on raw, attaching importance" educational philosophy, the implementation of the "school by relying on quality, characteristic schooling, the talent strong school" development strategy, strengthening the connotation construction, continue to promote the fine management, steadily improving the quality of teaching, for the regional economic and social development and industry enterprise due contribution to the progress of science and technology, accumulated to train various kinds of applied talents for ningxia and surrounding areas more than 30000.

The campus covers an area of 1947 mu and consists of the school headquarters, riverside campus and hequan lake campus. The campus covers an area of 540,000 square meters and the total value of teaching and scientific research equipment is 80 million yuan. The university has built an intelligent and digital library with magnificent atmosphere, warm and elegant collection and abundant books. The library has 680,000 volumes of paper literature and 310,000 volumes of electronic literature. The school has a complete range of sports and leisure venues, comfortable and clean student apartments, elegant food plaza environment, food tastes both north and south, the campus network has no dead end coverage, rich online quality course resources, all kinds of teaching and living facilities, is the ideal place for teachers and students to study, work and life.

The school has 10 overseas and provincial teaching teachers, more than 200 professors and associate professors, more than 300 double-qualified teachers with industry background, and more than 800 full-time and part-time teachers. At present, the school has 16,000 full-time students from 17 countries and 26 provinces and regions, and more than 5,000 online and correspondence students. School is equipped with the institute of petroleum and chemical, electric power college, school of mechanical and automotive engineering, school of business, college of civil engineering and construction, biological engineering institute, foreign languages institute, institute of information media, grammar school, teachers college, design art institute, institute of international education, college of school of continuing education, innovation, entrepreneurship, marxism teaching scientific research, basic course education in 16 college (department), the opening of a 27 undergraduate specialty, 26, covering technology, management, economics, agronomy, literature, law, art, education and so on eight disciplines.

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