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YTU was established in 1984 and is one of the key provincial comprehensive universities of Shandong Province. The creation and development of YTU was made possible by the generous donations and continuing assistance of the people of Yantai and Weihai, and of many overseas Chinese entrepreneurs. Two of the most renowned institutions of higher education in China, Peking University and Tsinghua University, were instrumental in the creation of YTU, and the fine traditions of these two universities have been carried forward over the past twenty five years. We scrupulously abide by the school’s motto of “Be trustworthy, be down-to-earth, be fond of learning, and practice earnestly.” We put great emphasis on innovative teaching and learning. We have a well-developed set of academic disciplines covering the breadth of higher education. Many of our departments have outstanding features that distinguish them from similar disciplines at other universities. Our undergraduate educational system is broad and well founded. Post-graduate education at YTU has developed very quickly in recent years. Significant achievements in research have been made by our faculty and alumni. We have made many scholarly contributions to society. YTU has become an influential comprehensive university, both in China and in the world. Since its beginnings YTU has attached great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and was one of the first group of universities permitted by the central government to recruit foreign educational experts and receive international students. YTU has established partnerships with over seventy universities and institutions around the world, including cooperative programs with Republic of Korea and Norway. Now we receive about six hundred international students every year.YTU embraces the future. We sincerely and earnestly welcome people from all walks of life, both at home and abroad, to join with us in advancing our construction and development. We invite you to join hands with us in open communication and exchange, to increase our mutual benefit through cooperation and friendship.

Dr. Cui Mingde, Chairman of the University Board

Dr. Fang Shaokun, President of the University

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