Xinjiang Medical Universiy(XJMU), MBBS Course In China, Medical School

Located in north of Urumqi city and established in 1956, Xinjiang Medical University (XJMU) is a unique comprehensive medical university full of ethical endemic and regional character, including that of its predecessors, Xinjiang Medical College and Xinjiang Chinese Medical College. Approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 1998, XJMU has officially developed into a large and comprehensive medical university for teaching, treatment, and expert scientific research.There are also 800+ international students, as well as 7,301 students studying at the School of Continuing Education. Xinjiang Medical University attaches great importance to the development of teaching staff and takes great measures in developing and strengthening them. The staff and teaching faculty is made up of more than 15,070 people, among them 914 are academic teachers and 977 are clinical teachers. There are 207 professors and 601 associated professors. XJMU owns 2 key laboratories supported by provincial government and Education Ministry, 4 laboratories supported by the Xinjiang regional government, 8 key subjects managed by the Stated Administration of TCM, 11 key subjects at the regional level and 10 regional level research institutes. There are three mobile postdoctoral centers (Clinical medicine, pharmacy, and preventive medicine), 1 postdoctoral research station. There are also 27 doctoral degree programs and 53 master’s degree programs.

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