Xingtai University

Xingtai University was established in 1910, originally under the name “The Fourth Primary Normal School” and until now it boasts a history of 107 years. The school campus covers an area of 943.16 hectares with another 758 hectares for expansion in the future. At present, Xingtai University has 18 schools and 76 majors covering Literature, History, Art, Economics, Management, Law, Education, Science and Technology with over 17,000 students and a 984,000-volume library. Xingtai University has a faculty and staff of 1,243, including 360 professors and associate professors, 543 Doctors and Masters with the qualification to confer Bachelor degree and recruit overseas students.

School of International Education & Exchange is the school in Xingtai University which recruits and manages oversea students. It is also the school teaching Chinese as a foreign language with high quality Chinese teacher for foreigners.

The school offers long-term and short-term Chinese language courses to international students and persons based on different needs. It also relies on other schools and departments to cultivate bachelor education. Currently, the department has recruited foreign students from Russia, South Korea, South Africa, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe and signs the cooperative agreement with America, British, Russia, Australia, Italy, South Korea and New Zealand to build intercollegiate friendly cooperative relationship.

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