Wuchang University of Technology

Established in 1997,  Wuchang  University of TechnologyWUTis a  full-time undergraduate university approved  by the Ministry of Education. Over 20 years since its inception, WUT has seen a  balanced discipline mix of engineering, management, art, economics, literature,  law, and medicines. Cocooned by Tangxun Lake, China’s biggest downtown lake, WUT  occupies 828,100 m2 and boasts a floor area of 403,000 m2.  There are 11 schools in WUT, including School of Artificial Intelligence, School  of Urban Construction, School of Life Science, School of Nursing, School of  Business, School of Law, Literature& Foreign Languages, School of Art  Design, School of Television and Media, School of International Education,  School of General Caliber-oriented Education and School of Continuing Education,  with one building for each. With 64 undergraduate and junior college programs  available, WUT has over 15,000 students of three kinds, undergraduates,  post-graduates, and international  students.

Educational  Strengths

WUT has  an experimental teaching center, and each school has its own building. AT WUT,  we have exceeded the Ministry of Education standards on the number of teaching  and research instrument per student, the number of seats in multimedia  classrooms and speech labs, and the number of computers. We rank top among our  peers in building an information-based campus.

WUT boasts a large group of outstanding  educators with varying specialities. There are 772 teachers. of which  48.17% have obtained senior titles, 83.84% with master or doctor degree, and  40.7% capable of assuming both research and teaching positions.

WUT  boasts a well-equipped library with a floor area over 30,000 m2. It  stores 3,735,900 books, including 1,562,500 printed ones and 2,176,000  electronic ones. It offers 125 Chinese and foreign-language electronic  databases.

Experimental and  Training Facilities.We have built  150 labs that can support  all disciplines available at WUT, and 158 fieldwork bases, including two at the provincial level.  

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