Southwest Petroleum University Visa Application

1.       The applicant should submitall the application documents.

2.       After reviewing ofapplication materials in accordance with the  provisions of the university,successful applicants will be issued "Admission  Notice" and"Visa Application for Study in China" (the JW202 Form).

3.       The applicant can apply forvisa to China with the "Admission Notice"  and "Visa Applicationfor Study in China" as well as the physical examination  records.

4.       Enroll in the specifiedperiod which will be defined in the "Admission  Notice ".


Application documents:

Copyof passport 

PhysicalExamination Record for Foreigners 

Notarizedphotocopies of diploma or degree  

Notarizedphotocopies of the transcripts in school or  university. 

2-inch-sizeddigital photo with blue background 

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