Shandong University of Technology(SDUT), University Of Science And Engineering

Shandong University of Technology (SDUT), founded in 1956, is now a provincial key university of Science and Engineering. The campus is situated in the city of Zibo, which is the cradle of ancient Qi-culture.

 Adhering to the principle of “Refraining from doing some things in order to do other things” and “Strengthening key points, and highlighting specialties”, SDUT has gradually formed the discipline features of “Engineering-focused, science andEngineering combined multidisciplinary coordinated development”.  Committed to the mission of serving society, SDUT undertakes a number of high-level research projects and solves technological problems for enterprises and related industries by integrated development and collaborative innovation with the local areas. A lot of symbolic scientific research achievements have been made and it has become an essential part of a regional innovation system.

SDUT takes talents as the fundamental element and teachers as the main body for development. A group of dedicated, high-quality teachers are attracted by widening channels and optimizing environment. SDUT has been making simultaneous efforts to better teaching and studying conditions, enrich cultural atmosphere and upgrade comprehensive support capacities. The quiet and beautiful campus is becoming an ideal place for teaching and learning. 

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