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Regulation on Application for “Government Scholarship for International Students from Chengdu Sister Cities”

In order to further push forward the educational exchange and cooperation between the City of Chengdu and its international sister cities (Including the international friendly and cooperative cities, here in after referred to as Sister Cities collectively), as well as attract more international students to study in higher education institutions located in Chengdu City, Chengdu local government sets up “Government Scholarship for International Students from Chengdu Sister Cities” for those from one of Chengdu’s sister cities (list as below).
Basic Requirements:
1. Applicants should be citizens from the sister cities with foreign nationalities, friendly to china and in good health;
2. Applicants should abide by the laws and regulations of the Chinese governments and have good performance in China.
3. Applicants should have the right attitude to study, without breaking school rules and disciplines and having good academic performance
4. Applicants should be current students and hold admission letters
5. Applicants who accept the non-degree education should study at least three months in the university
6. Applicants should be born in or have studied, worked or lived in the Sister Cities of Chengdu City and hold the official confirmation letters issued by related departments in Sister Cities (in change of international affairs) . Please review the list of Sister Cities and Example of Confirmation Letter in the attachment.
* International students who have been awarded with other types of Government Scholarship for International Students are not allowed to apply for the Scholarship.
Scholarship Details:
1. PhD Program students: 30,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than three years;
2. Master’s Program students: 25,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than three years;
3. Bachelor Program students: 20,000 Yuan/Year, with the period of no more than four years;
4. Non-Degree Program students can obtain the scholarship of 1,000 Yuan/Person/Month with the maximum of no more than 10,000 Yuan/Person/Year carried out if they are approved by the evaluation team based on the specific situations of the current year. (July and August are not included.) Non-Degree students are not allowed to apply for the Scholarship within three years from the year they are awarded the one-off incentive.
*Annual Review is required for awardees.
Application Period:
1. For degree program applicants and non-degree program applicants, the starting date is the 1st day of fall semester and the ending date is the 7th day of fall semester.
2. Chengdu City will decide whether the application will be opened in Spring Semester or not each year.
Application Documents:
Please refer to the requirement in Application Form for Chengdu Government Scholarship. You may download the form at CIE website.

Admission Information for 2017 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
           Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program


(The Chinese text of this regulation shall be deemed the original. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language or terms of this article, the Chinese language version shall control.)
1. Introduction
Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program is a full scholarship for designated Chinese universities and certain provincial education offices in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. It only supports graduate students.
As a key university, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics undertakes the enrollment of international postgraduate students under this government scholarship.
2. Application time: January 1st, 2017 to March 1st, 2017 
Applicants should submit online application and mail all required documents to Admission Office before the deadline. Application packages should arrive before March 1st, 2017. If the package is mailed, the date on the postmark of China Postal Office or express mailing service shall be regarded as the actual arrival date of application package. SWUFE does not accept any application from the third party. Applicants please apply from SWUFE directly for this type of scholarship.
3. Eligibility  
(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, be in good health, abide by the laws and regulations of Chinese Government and local government, as well as regulations of SWUFE.
(2) Eligibility Screening is based on the regulations of Ministry of Education, Chinese Scholarship Council and other relevant departments of P.R.China.
(3) Applicants must not be in China at the time of application;
(4) Education background and age limit:
i. Applicants for master's degree studies must have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.
ii. Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a master's degree and be under the age of 40.
4. Academic Programs
Please check list of Master’s degree program and Doctoral degree program at website as below:
Note: This scholarship is not available to students studying in Language and Literature Majors, except for the degree majors related to Chinese Language
5. Duration of scholarship
Categories of Applicant Duration of Study and Scholarship
Master's degree students 2-3 years
Doctoral degree students 3-4 years
★Scholarship recipients of Chinese-taught programs without adequate Chinese proficiency must take Chinese language courses for one academic year to reach the language requirements of SWUFE before moving on to their major studies. Failure to reach the required language proficiency will lead to the automatic termination of scholarship.  
6. Scholarship details  
① Exemption from tuition fee and accommodation fee on campus;
② Living allowance: RMB 3,000/month/person for master's students; RMB 3,500 /month /person for doctoral students;

③ Comprehensive medical insurance;

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