Kunming University of Science and Technology News and Events

KUST Ranks 74th among the Top 100 Chinese Innovation Universities in 2017

According to the statistics resealed by a national evaluating organization recently, Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST)ranks 74th among “The Top 100 Innovation Universities in the Chinese Mainland in 2017” and it is the only list university of Yunnan Province. Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and Peking University rank top three respectively.

This ranking list is based on the relevant universities’ original statistics of per capita scientific research funds, the number of National Science and Technology Awards, national patent awards, valid invention patents, and the ESI top 1% disciplines in the world to showcase the universities’ innovation from their scientific research capacity, innovation potentials, academic level and innovation platforms, aiming at picking out those universities that can help promote the development of new technologies and innovation, and boost China’s economic transformation and industrial upgrading.

KUST is the largest university as well as the only polytechnic university across Yunnan Province at present. It has approximately 70 thousand oncampus students and has about 2.57 million graduates of different academic levels. 17 majors have passed the national education accreditation, ranking the 2nd among all the universities in China. KUST wins 5 National Teaching Achievement Awards and 14 national science and technology awards. It possesses 135 Scitech innovation platforms. In the past 10 years, KUST has obtained 1,025 NSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) project approvals with a total fund of 42.4 million yuan($6.8 million), and 5,355 patent grants and 1,064 valid invention patents.

KUST Prof. TONG Xiong’s Team Wins 1st Prize for the 2016 Yunnan Provincial Sci & Tech Progress Award

On the morning of April 13, 2017, the 2016 Yunnan Provincial Scientific and Technological Award Conference was held in Haigeng Convention Center in Kunming. The achievement of “The Key Technology and Industrialization of the Efficient Utilization of Indium-Zinc-Tin-Copper Associated Polymetallic Mineral Resources” project accomplished by Prof. TONG Xiong and his team from Kunming University of Science and Technology(KUST) won the first prize for the 2016 Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. 

Taking the efficient utilization of Du Long Indium-Zinc-Tin-Copper associated polymetallic mineral resources as the point of penetration, the research team led by Prof. TONG Xiong has handed in glove with Yunnan Hualian Zn-In Shares Co., Ltd, China Enfei Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and Kunming Metallurgical Research Institute. They adhered to industry-university research cooperation, and have made great breakthrough through 13 years’ theoretical research and key-technical problem tackling. 

The technical system formed by this research project has been successfully applied to on-site production practice in Yunnan Hualian Zn-In Shares Co., Ltd, which not only efficiently solved the technological problems in production, but also highly improved the enterprise’s production and operation efficiency. Its overall technological achievement has researched a high level in the world with its distinctive feature of resources and its significant economic, environmental and social benefits, which plays an exemplary role in the efficient development and utilization of similar resources. Now, Prof. TONG Xiong and his team are committing themselves to the application of the technical system formed by this project to practical utilization in more enterprises to promote its potential value, the efficient recycling of nonferrous metals and rare metal resources, and therefore make a greater contribution to the national sustainable development of resources.

CCTV Gives an Exclusive Interview with KUST Prof. DAI Yongnian

Prof. DAI Yongnian, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and professor of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), was given an exclusive interview with China Central Television (CCTV) on April 10.

In the interview, Prof. DAI introduced the production and application of tin and the world leading technology applied by his team in tin smelting and ore dressing.   Prof. DAI also gave a general evaluation of the present situation, development trend, the level of scientific research and the transformation of scientific achievements in  tin industry. 

As a well-known expert of vacuum non-ferrous metallurgy of China, academician of CAE, team leader of the national key discipline of non-ferrous metallurgy and the key discipline of vacuum metallurgy of Yunnan Province, Prof. DAI Yongnian has been devoting himself to teaching, scientific and engineering research of vacuum non-ferrous metallurgy. His basic theories of vacuum refining of metals and vacuum separation process of alloys form a theoretical system of vacuum non-ferrous metallurgy, which serves as an important guidance for the production and scientific research and has drawn greater attention of metallurgical industry both at home and broad.

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