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The first Lan Mei University Student Friendship Games soccer tournament opened in our school

May 21 to 29, 2017 Lan Mei University Student Friendship Games and South Asia Southeast Asian National Students Culture and Sport Kunming exchange week officially kicked off, our school is responsible for hosting the football tournament and part of the Vietnamese delegation reception work.

May 22 afternoon, our school hosted the football game in Xiyuan football field opening. School Vice President Xie Baosheng, Xu Shaoqiong, Lan Mekong Cooperation China Secretariat Deputy National Coordinator Ji Lingpeng attended the event.

Xu Shaoqiong spoke at the event, and on behalf of Kunming Medical University, he welcomed the leaders and officials who came to the football match and the athletes and referees who participated in the competition. She pointed out that the football has a unique charm, pregnant with a rich connotation, is a young favorite sports, football game both confrontation and cooperation, through the game can cultivate young people resolute tenacity and solidarity. Xu Shaoqiong hope that the game, the players in the release of youthful vitality, enjoy endless happiness at the same time, but also learn from each other, promote exchanges, promote culture, to play a level, race style, race friendship.

Ji Lingpeng on behalf of Lan Mei cooperation in China Secretariat of the Kunming Medical University for the preparations for the game to express gratitude for the players welcome. He pointed out that the Lan-mei cooperation is a new type of cooperation mechanism tailored for the needs of China and the Mekong countries and an important platform for promoting friendly cooperation between China and ASEAN countries and Southeast Asian countries. Humanities and cultural exchanges are an important part of the cooperation between Lan and Mekong. Youth is the future of Lan Mae cooperation. It is hoped that through the football game, the young people will be able to enhance their understanding and friendship, and strive to cultivate equal treatment, sincere mutual help and pro- Lan Mei cooperation to cultivate more reserve forces.

The Games and Exchange Week were organized by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government and 6 Kunming University of Science and Technology. The aim was to promote the cultural exchange and enhance mutual understanding among the young people in the Lanmei area.

It is reported that the soccer events organized by our school will be held from May 22 to 28 at the East and West Court of Chenggong Campus. There are nine teams from Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar. 3 teams in the university.

The school scientific research management reform special group into the two units to carry out research

Recently, the school vice president Li Lihua rate of Science and Technology Department, Personnel Department, Planning Finance Department, the Department of Assets, Technology Transfer Center and the Provincial Healthcare Medical Data Research Center Construction Group and other relevant departments responsible for the composition of the scientific research management reform team on the school 11 (Institute), five research centers and four affiliated hospitals were investigated.

In the various units of research process, Li Lihua pointed out that science and technology work is an important function of the school, is to reflect the school competitiveness, social influence and comprehensive strength of the important work. Since the 18th National Congress, from the state to the local science and technology innovation system is undergoing major changes, innovation has become a national and local economic and social development of the major strategies, especially in the field of higher education in a comprehensive "double first-class" Units should carefully read and understand the country and Yunnan Province, major scientific and technological innovation policies and relevant documents, conscientiously implement the school's seventh party congress, the school "thirteen five" construction and development planning and "Kunming Medical University to implement innovation-driven development strategy Implementation of the views of "spirit and requirements, to enhance the station, to stand in the country and Yunnan economic and social development needs, the station in the university" double first-class "construction needs, standing in high-level medical university construction needs, take the initiative to find the problem , Take the initiative to think about the problem, take the initiative to solve the problem, efforts to contribute to the reform and development of the school.

The research team of scientific research management reform, in close connection with the school in 2017 the spirit of party and government work conference and the main task of scientific research management to determine the three research topics: First, the school scientific research management system, the main problems and reform and development initiatives; The second is to accelerate the school's scientific and technological achievements and technology transfer and transformation of measures; third is to promote the Yunnan Provincial Health Medical Data Research Center construction of the views and suggestions. Research focused on the problem-oriented, from the grassroots found the root causes of the problem, directed at the core problems, set the grass-roots wisdom, efforts to solve the outstanding problems in the development of science and technology work, deepen the reform of science and technology system to promote school science and technology work by leaps and bounds.

The research, the unit leaders attach great importance to the careful organization of the current school research system, scientific research management in all aspects of the full thinking, pointed out that the school scientific research management in many specific problems, put forward many constructive comments Suggest. At the same time, the survey is also the head of the various functional departments of the school at the grassroots level, understand the grassroots level, an effective form of grass-roots service.

Kunming Medical University Party Intellectuals Association set up Yang Ning attended and awarded for the Association

May 18, Kunming Medical University Party Intellectuals Association was formally established.

Provincial Standing Committee, Provincial Party Committee United Front Minister Yang Ning attended the founding association, and awarded the Association.

Before the meeting, Yang Ning and his entourage visited the Kunming Medical University school history museum, morphological showroom and clinical skills center, the school in the higher medical education and medical and health undertakings to fully affirmed.

At the meeting, the united front department of the provincial party committee congratulated the establishment of the non-Party intellectuals' association of Kunming Medical University, asked the school to take the friendship as a new platform, innovate the united front work ideas, enhance the effectiveness of united front work and promote the united front work of Kunming Medical University development of. First, we should learn more about the important speech of Xi Jinping's general secretary working outside the party and the intellectual spirit, and strive to establish the "four consciousness", especially the core consciousness, the model of consciousness and the practice of the socialist core values The second is to hope that the majority of party intellectuals to further enhance the sense of pride and mission, identify the positioning, precision force, play a good professional advantage for the province's economic and social development of a broad consensus, bring together strong forces; The leadership and guidance of the Association, to promote the Association to strengthen their own construction, improve the level of work, unity and guide the functions of foreign intellectuals play well.

Kunming Medical University President Li Song speech at the inaugural meeting, he said, the school will seriously study and practice the general secretary of Xi Jinping series of important speech spirit, the implementation of the central and provincial united front work conference spirit, "love heart, Understand the heart "for the intellectuals in the school construction and development to create conditions for meritorious deeds. He hoped that the non-party intellectuals would strengthen political guidance, increase the talent recommendation, highlight the characteristics of advantages, and effectively play a bridge role.

Xie Baosheng was elected president of Kunming Medical University Party Intellectuals Association, and spoke at the meeting.

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