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Education skills contest in my school start

In the afternoon, 2017 National Vocational College Skills Competition (vocational group) "pre-school education professional education skills" contest in our school officially start.

Deputy director of the Education Committee of Zhejiang Province, deputy director of the Department of Education Chen Genfang, deputy mayor of Jinhua City, Tao Yeping, director of the competition committee, the Ministry of education vocational education teaching director of the professional director, vice president of Beijing Vocational and Technical College Liu Lanming, deputy director of the competition committee, Quanzhou Huaguang vocational school principal Chen Yafang, chief referee, BeijingNormal UniversityDoctoral tutor Huo Liyan, school party secretary Hu Zhengming, Jinhua Municipal People's Government Deputy Secretary-General Jin Yan, Zhejiang Province sub-division executive committee committee, the provincial education department deputy director of the Higher Education Department Wang Guoyin, Zhejiang sub-division executive committee , Deputy secretary of the school party committee Wu field and the team on behalf of more than 600 people attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by the deputy director of the Executive Committee of the Competition, the deputy director of the Teaching and Teaching Steering Committee of the Vocational Education Department of the Ministry of Education, and Li Guozhen, the party secretary of Tianjin Modern Vocational and Technical College.

n behalf of the Jinhua Municipal People's Government, Mr. Tao Yingping welcomed the leaders, experts and supervisors, instructors and contestants who participated in the competition. She said that the National Vocational College Skills Competition "pre-school education professional education skills" contest held in Jinhua, the Ministry of Education, the Provincial Department of Education on the Jinhua City and the Golden Court of the high degree of trust and recognition, but also our work test and spur The We will be in accordance with the "high degree of attention, scientific organization, meticulous service" approach, carefully prepared, well arranged, and actively create good conditions, and strive to do a good job of race services, when the host of this contest. I hope that the leadership guests to pay more attention to support the development of Jinhua education, Jinhua's economic and social construction for the valuable advice, the development of Jinhua's economic and social development, I wish this contest a great success!

Finally, Liu Lanming announced the 2017 National Vocational College Skills Contest (Higher Vocational ) "pre-schooleducation professional skills" contest start.

Technical university to create work to carry out research

Morning, Jinhua City People's Congress Standing Committee Deputy Director Wang Ding Road, Vice Mayor Taoye Ping rate of relevant personnel to our school Jinhua City University of Technology to create work to carry out research, party secretary Hu Zhengming, Party committee member Zhu Xiongcai to participate in research.

At the meeting, Hu Zhengming introduced the history of our school and the achievements made in recent years, and put forward some suggestions and suggestions on the idea and implementation path of the applied technology university. Jinhua City Board of Education related person in charge of the application of technical universities to create pre-research and the preparation of the situation.

Tao Ye Ping said that the founder of Jinhua City University of Applied Technology is the trend, we aim highly consistent, the key is to select the path to be scientific and operational, to be good at using and integrating existing resources. Wang Ding Road to the development of our school to fully affirmed the hope that the relevant departments to actively adopt the views and suggestions, according to policy changes on the original ideas and models for further modification and improvement, so that both meet the national policy requirements, but also with the actual needs of Jinhua Anastomosis.

Our school

To the 14th , the first "China Small Animal Clinical Skills Competition - 2017 Orthopedic Competition (East China Division semi-finals)" held in our school, a total of six provinces and cities in East China from the city, vocational schools and pet hospital 34 players participate.

It is reported that this competition by the China Modern Agricultural Vocational Education Group, East and West small animals, animal husbandry general meeting, Zhejiang Province, modern agricultural vocational education group and our joint contractors. Under the competition, the "future student group" and "elite veterinary group" are divided into two parts: theoretical examination and practical operation. In the course of actual operation, the "future student group" is divided into orthopedic instrument identification, external fixation Operation of two projects for 30 minutes, a total of from the Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology Vocational College and other sixschools of 21 players to participate in the "elite veterinary group" project is the use of pressurized bone plate treatment of long bone Fractures, the participating time of 20 minutes, a total of from Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities 14 professional physicians to participate. After fierce competition, the final, our students Yan Hong entropy, teachers Ge Bingqian and other six people were "future student group" and "elite veterinary group" two groups of the top three. Next, they will represent the East China Division5 Yue 24- RiHeld in Dalian City, the national finals.


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