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The Delegation of Jilin University is Awarded Honorable Mention and Outstanding Position Paper in 2017 National Model United Nations Conference

The delegation of Jilin University was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2017 National Model United Nations (NMUN) Conference held from April 9th to 13th in New York. The National Collegiate Conference Association Board of Directors of the conference comprehensively assessed the performances, contributions and achievements of 212 delegations, and selected 20 out of them to be awarded Outstanding Position Papers in each committee. Xu Lu, an undergraduate student from JLU’s College of Foreign Languages, and Junior Nhlanhla Ngulube, an international student at JLU’s School of International and Public Affairs, won such award thanks to their excellent performance in the U.N. General Assembly Second Committee. 

This NMUN conference attracted the participation of 212 delegations of more than 5,000 university students from all over the world. In the conference, they modeled debates and negotiations, and formed relevant resolutions on hotspot international issues such as human right protection, environment protection, economic and social development, anti-terrorism, education, protection of women’s and children’s rights, and weapons of massive destruction. Conference B (Conf. B) that JLU delegation was in lasted for 5 days, including training sessions on conference schedule, an opening ceremony, committee sessions, U.N. General Assembly/ Economic and Social Council meetings and a closing ceremony. 

As designated by the Board of Directors of the NMUN conference, the JLU delegation, on behalf of San Marino’s permanent mission to the U.N., engaged in discussions on appointed topics in six committees in Conf. B, including High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, United Nations Environment Assembly and International Atomic Energy Agency. JLU’s delegates participated in drafting 16 resolutions, in which 30 English articles had been adopted and officially written into the resolutions. 

This is the second delegation JLU has dispatched to NMUN in New York. Students of Jilin University voluntarily applied for the program and passed the selective examinations and had special training sessions in fields of youth leadership, political science, lobbying and negotiation skills and social skills for forming alliances, etc. organized by the university. In addition, the university conducted further assessments of these students, including peer evaluation and teachers’ assessment. Finally, 12 students had been chosen to attend the NMUN conference. Among the 12 students, there were 8 undergraduate students, 1 postgraduate student and 3 international students from JLU’s College of Foreign Languages, School of International and Public Affairs, School of Economics, College of the Humanities, College of Materials Science and Engineering and School of Transportation respectively. Office of Global Engagement, Office of Undergraduate Education and College of International Education fully funded this trip. 

Before the convening of this NMUN conference, the delegation of Jilin University visited Rutgers University of the United States. Dr. Jeff Wang,  Director of Rutgers China Office and Special Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at Rutgers, introduced Rutgers University and higher education in America; Anu Gupta, Assistant Dean of International Academic Support at the Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs and a former member of UN institutions like UNICEF, shared her working experience in the U.N. The  delegates of Jilin University also discussed specific problems they encountered in the model conferences with model UN members in Rutgers University. 

The NMUN conference enhanced the JLU delegates’ sense of international responsibility, broadened their international visions, strengthened their abilities to handle international affairs, and improved their individual leadership and overall qualities.

Chinese Cultural Activities held by Jilin University-Kansas State University Confucius Institute during “International Cultural Week”

During the “International Cultural Week” of Kansas State University, from April 3rd to April 9th (CST), Jilin University - Kansas State University Confucius Institute held a series of events to spread Chinese culture. 

In the International Parade held on the morning of April 3rd, volunteers from the Confucius Institute and Chinese students on campus held high the Chinese national flag, walked along with students from all over the world. In the afternoon, the Institute held interesting activities in the International Student Center such as tug-of-war and kicking shuttlecock. A lot of the audience was affected by the excitement and participated.  

On April 4th, the Confucius Institute held an exhibition about Chinese culture. Many visitors were impressed and enthusiastically tried on Chinese traditional costumes, played Weiqi, practiced Chinese calligraphy, and took pictures. Although the activity named Write Your Name in Chinese Characters had been held many times, still almost a hundred people involved in. It gradually became a regular activity in such occasions. Some of the audience asked about courses of the Institute and expressed their willingness to join.     

On April 9th, representatives from the Confucius Institute participated in the talent show of the "International Cultural Week". Two volunteers from the Institute played Hulusi, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. Among all performance, mainly lively dancing and singing, the melodious, gentle, peaceful and harmonious music was well received by the audience. One of the judges said: "this is the first time I see such a beautiful and distinct musical instrument. And the costumes of the performers and melodious music are all refreshing."

The Kansas State University "International Cultural Week" attracted over a thousand people including those on campus and local residents. During the week, Jilin University - Kansas State University Confucius Institute stood out and Chinese culture was highly appreciated and welcomed by local residents.

The 2nd Selective Examination of 2017 Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers of Confucians Institute/Hanban Successfully Held in Jilin University

On April 15th and 16th, 2017, Jilin University, entrusted by Confucians Institute/Hanban, organized the 2nd selective examination of volunteer Chinese language teachers for the second half of the year 2017.

142 applicants from colleges, universities, institutions of higher education and Provincial Departments of Education from Jilin and Liaoning Province sat the exam, while experts and scholars from colleges and universities from around the country served as examiners. Officers from Division of Volunteer Affairs of Hanban and Wuzhou Hanfeng Global Education and Technology Company conducted trainings for examiners, related staffs and student volunteers in advance, and supervised the entire examination. Division of International Relations (Northeastern Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language) organized the preparation work.

The examination consists of three parts, i.e. interview for comprehensive abilities, language proficiency examination and psychological examination. It aims to assess the applicants’ comprehensive abilities such as basic knowledge of Chinese, understanding of Chinese national condition and culture, Chinese teaching ability, cross-cultural awareness and skills, mastering of traditional Chinese arts, foreign language proficiency and psychological quality, so that the applicant can fully demonstrate their talent and skills in all aspects. Those who pass the examination will undergo trainings organized by Hanban before they are dispatched to Confucians Institutes around the globe, where they can teach Chinese and promote Chinese culture. 

As the Northeastern Base of the International Promotion of Chinese Language of Hanban, our university has organized 23 selective examinations of government-sponsored teachers and volunteer Chinese language teachers, with more than 5,342 applicants examined.

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