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Members of the Central Military Commission, State Councilor and Minister of Defense Chang Wanquan and his entourage visit our school to study the national defense education work

May 11 morning, the Central Military Commission, the State Councilor and Minister of Defense Chang Wanquan and his entourage to visit our school to study the work of national defense education, the school student community as the starting point for students to carry out national defense education and school science and technology innovation achievements in the army, Used in national defense and other efforts and achievements to be fully affirmed.

Deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, governor Liu Qi, vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department Lu Wei, the Central Military Commission of the National Defense Mobilization Minister Sheng Bin and other relevant leaders of the Jiangxi Provincial Military Region, Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister Guo Jianhui, Yi, Provincial Education Department Director Ye Ren Sun, my school principal Mei Guoping, deputy secretary of the school party committee Liu Guanghua, vice president Ding Hui, Liu Jun, accompanied by research.

In front of the school history monument, often all the long side to walk to see, and listened to the Meiguo level school leaders on the history of the school, in recent years, reform and development and teachers and students in depth to carry out national defense education and other aspects of the brief introduction, from time to time nodded praise, "Normal University's history is very long" "a local normal university, you can get such a result is not easy to die." After watching the school students college student band music line performance, national flag classes, college students military boxing and flag dance training, he kindly chat with students and told the side of the school leaders and relevant departments responsible person, "young man, spirit The face is very good, very sunny, there are military heroic "" little girl, the command of a modest ah, rhythm is also good, but also more momentum "" classmates, troops warmly welcome you like college students " You have a few teams that are very good, we must hold on. "" This kind of student community as the starting point for the development of national defense education model worthy of promotion "" You have to help them, such as let them go to the troops, Contact, more exchanges, so that they experience the barracks life "... .... In the observation of our college students conscription publicity exhibition, Jiangxi Province, the National Defense Education Achievement Exhibition and the school teachers and students oil painting exhibition, he said, "the school's national defense education carried out more distinctive, conscription propaganda in-depth line, students join the army related Policy is implemented, the military theory curriculum is highly educated by students, especially the patriotism education, national defense education and professional learning, and students combined with the activities of the community is certainly good, good good. In the inspection of our national monosaccharides chemical synthesis engineering and technology research center, listen to Liao Weilin and Hou Haoqing on product development, technology transformation and service economic and social development, especially when the understanding of some high-tech new products for national defense construction, From time to time to ask, to discuss the relevant product technical parameters, technology content and other issues, to encourage them to make persistent efforts for the local construction and national defense development to make new and greater achievements. 

During the inspection process, Chang Wanquan has stressed from time to time that we should fully understand the great significance of strengthening the national defense education under the new situation, strengthen the sense of urgency, do not forget the crisis, feel the sense of urgency, and earnestly enhance the sense of urgency of national defense education. Colleges and universities through the military theory courses, student associations and other forms of national defense education cast soul legislation, moisten things silent, imperceptibly cultivate young college students strong patriotic feelings. (Text / Wang Bin Figure / Dong Jianghong Huang Zhigang)


The school held a symposium on enrollment and employment in 2017

On the afternoon of May 15th, the school held a symposium on enrollment and employment in 2017. Vice President Liu Jun attended and did a good job of school enrollment and employment work was emphasized and deployed. The college in charge of enrollment and employment work, school employment supervision group of experts and the recruitment of all staff to attend the forum.

Liu Jun fully affirmed the school in recent years, enrollment and employment achievements, on behalf of the school to thank the colleges and departments of the various departments to expand the school enrollment, improve the quality of students and actively expand the job market, innovative ideas to do job management services, The quality of employment and other work to pay the efforts and dedication. He pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attaches great importance to the employment of college admissions and graduates, especially since May, it is high frequency, high specifications held a meeting to study the work of this work, hope participants to learn to understand carefully Research and analysis, focus on the implementation of the work. On the basis of analyzing the current state macroeconomic situation, the competitive situation of colleges and universities in our province and the general situation of enrollment and employment in our university, Liu Jun made four demands on the enrollment and employment work of the school in 2017: First, Three is good at pioneering and innovative, grasp the new situation, make new judgments, put forward new ideas, and strive to achieve new results; four is ruthless; the second is to improve the development of new schools, Grasp the implementation of good practice, and strive to improve the level of employment and the quality of service for the development and upgrading of the school to make new and greater contributions. 

At the meeting, the person in charge of the enrollment and employment department informed the recent enrollment and employment work, and made specific arrangements on the work matters. Participants exchanged their work experience and made pertinent comments and suggestions on further school enrollment and employment. (Text / map enrollment employment).


School held 2016-2017 school year teaching "Top 100 excellent" selection activities

In order to firmly establish the status of teaching center, to stimulate the majority of teachers love teaching and learning, teaching and educating people's enthusiasm, improve education and teaching ability, to create a whole school attention to teaching, pay attention to the development of teachers a good atmosphere to promote the construction of the school held on May 13 2016-2017 school year teaching "Top 100 excellent" selection activities. Deputy secretary of the party committee Liu Guanghua, vice president Zhang Yanguo, Yao Yixia attended the scene to observe and guide. 

It is reported that the final in accordance with the "Jiangxi Normal University Course " Top 100 excellent "selection and management approach" (school 〔2016〕 103) the spirit of the document, based on the college preliminary selection preferred to enter the school final. (Music, sports, art and foreign language) group and other three groups, the scene invited Nanchang University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics, Jiangxi Agricultural University, East China Jiaotong University and Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Of the professor and the school part of the teacher and student representatives as judges. The final spread of the Institute of Derek MSI, Computer Information Engineering Institute of injury and other 33 teachers finalists 2016-2017 school year teaching "Top 100 excellent" list. (Text / educational director / Dai Weixing)


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